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Car Repair Loans with Bad Credit: Payment Plans & Emergencies

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Overcoming Financial Roadblocks: Accessing Car Repair Loans for Individuals with Bad Credit

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Helping You Find Car Repair Loans for Bad Credit

How do car repair loans work if you have bad credit?

Like most other bad credit loans, auto repair loans for people with bad credit may come with higher interest rates. On the plus side though, bad credit car repair loans are usually unsecured with a fixed interest rate and operate on an installment structure. What that means for you is, your monthly payments will not fluctuate as long as you remain up-to-date. This can make it easier to budget for any installment payments on your auto repair loan

Car Repair Loans for Bad Credit: Frequently Asked Questions

What are car repair loans for people with bad credit?

Car repair loans for people with bad credit are specialized personal loans for individuals with bruised credit that need auto repair financing. These loans can be sought from a couple different funding sources including banks, credit unions, and online lenders. Online lenders typically have more flexibility when it comes to eligibility criteria than a traditional lending institution. Funds from an online personal loan also typically arrive in your account sooner than loons from a brick and mortar bank. This can be especially helpful for bad credit borrowers who need auto financing ASAP. Because most people need their cars to get to work, take kids to school, go shopping, etc., auto repairs usually aren’t something that can be put on the back burner. Online funding sources are often your best bet for a fast cash personal loan for bad credit.

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How do you find a car repair loan if you have bad credit?

While your focus is likely on getting your car repaired, you may need funds to do so. While some repair shops may offer financing, you’ll want to make sure you get the best offer - bad credit or not. Comparing offers is key to finding the best car repair loan offer. At Acorn Finance, we give borrowers the opportunity to compare offers with no credit impact. 

Are car repair loans worth it if you have bad credit?

While many bad credit loans may not be worth it, bad credit car repair loans could be a beacon of hope in an otherwise desperate time. If you have room in your budget for a monthly loan payment, a bad credit car repair loan can get you back on the road so your life doesn’t have to sit at a red light. Bad credit car repair loans can be especially worth it if you need your car to get to work. 

How to apply for car repair loans if you have bad credit:

#1. Go to Acorn Finance online

Start your search on our 100% safe platform. 

#2. Get prequalified

Fill out our simple form and click submit to check personalized offers with no credit impact. 

#3. Compare offers to choose the best one

Compare offers from top national lending partners side-by-side and choose the one that works best for you. 

#4. Complete the application with the lender 

Once you’ve selected an offer, work with the lender of your choice to finalize the application process. 

#5. Receive funding

Once approved, the lender can issue funds. Our lending partners can fund loans in as little as 1-2 business days, although funding times can vary.

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Loan Calculator: Car Repair Loans for Bad Credit


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A $8,000 personal loan has a number of uses, including (but not limited to):
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Compare & Shop Car Repair Loans for Bad Credit at Acorn Finance

Car troubles often seem to come along at the absolute worst times. Although there is never a necessarily convenient time for your car to break down, nothing is worse than needing car repairs when you’re low on funds and have bad credit. Car repair loans for bad credit can help you stay on the road. keep reading to learn all about auto repair loans for bad credit and how you can find the best auto repair financing for your situation - without impacting your credit! Keep reading. 

What credit score do you need for a car repair loan if you have bad credit?


While there is no universal minimum when it comes to eligibility for a car repair loan if you have bad credit, there are lenders that are more than willing to find solutions to get bad credit borrowers back on the road. While the majority of lenders typically prefer working with individuals that hold a good credit score, some lenders may work with credit scores as low as 600. Though hard to find, some lenders also offer 560 credit score personal loans.

What types of repairs can be financed with a car repair loan if you have bad credit?


One of the biggest advantages of a personal loan is that typically, your funds can be spent however you see fit. Whether you need something as big as transmission repair financing or something as small as an AC recharge or new tires, car repair loans for bad credit can help you get your vehicle needs taken care of.

What determines your monthly payment if you get a car repair loan and have bad credit?


There are a few different factors that will determine your monthly payment. 

  • Loan amount - your total lump sum 
  • Loan duration - the length of your loan period 
  • Interest rate - the percentage of interest you will be paying on your loan amount 

All of these factors will be determined by a combination of your credit score, income, job, history, and debt to income ratio. Essentially, the more creditworthy you appear to the lender, the more favorable your offers will be.

How difficult is it to get a car repair loan if I have bad credit?


We are not going to sugarcoat it, getting a car repair loan if you have bad credit can be difficult. Having solid income can help you qualify, but you’ll still need to do some hunting to find an offer that works. Lenders that specialize in loans for individuals with bad credit may be  willing to look past a lower credit score if other factors suggest an ability to repay that loan. 

Why choose Acorn Finance for car repair loans if you have bad credit?


At Acorn Finance you can check offers from our network of top national lenders with no credit impact. When in need of car repairs, it’s easy to stress, which can ultimately distract you from making sound financial decisions. By taking advantage of our platform you can shop personal loan offers in a safe space online, hassle-free. 

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