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We understand your challenges. Prospective clients with no viable financing, or lenders who charge you fees! All that is history. With Acorn Finance, you can focus on what you do best – executing beautiful home remodeling projects for your clients.

Sell more with less effort and grow your business

Send customers a quick estimate of their project cost. They can check for pre-qualified offers from top lenders, all in a matter of minutes, to kickstart their remodeling project. You get notified of your client’s funding status.

Acorn provides your company with a free, mobile friendly dashboard, training tools and access for you and your whole team. And, we offer all this to you with no strings attached, no hidden fees or costs…100% free.


Offer loans up to $100,000 with terms up to 12 years and rates as low as 6.99% APR.

100% FREE

Keep 100% of your profits. We do not charge any sign-up fees, subscription fees, or dealer fees.


Simple sign-up and same-day setup. Add individual accounts to track results.


Create individual accounts for each sales rep to monitor progress and success across your company.


We provide you with strategies and tools to grow your business


We offer unique integration tools for Partners, Manufacturers, and Construction Technologies, as well as many others.

How Acorn Finance works

Acorn Finance provides you with a platform to grow your business without making you pay any sign-up fees, subscription fees, or dealer fees.

  1. Customers receive several pre-qualified offers from top lenders in a few seconds by filling out a quick online form.
  2. Customers select their favorite offer and apply for final approval on the lender’s platform.
  3. Customers receive funding from the lender as soon as the same business day.
  4. Acorn Finance notifies you as soon as your customer receives their funds.
  5. Customers pay you for their project, according to the terms of your agreement.

Top 6 Reasons why contractors love Acorn Finance

No sign-up fees, no subscription fees, no dealer fees

Acorn Finance is 100% FEE-FREE for you.

Competitive rates and terms

Loans up to $100,000, with terms up to 12 years and rates as low as 6.99% are available.

No sign-up fees, no subscription fees, no dealer fees

Customers immediately pre-qualify online without affecting their credit score.

Easy activation

Contractors enroll online and can be up and running same day.

Quick funding

In most cases, funds are deposited in your customer’s account within 24-48 hours after submitting the lender’s online application.

Free portal, data analytics, and training

Acorn Finance provides your company with a free, online portal, ongoing data analytics of your business to help identify weaknesses and strengths across your industry, and training of your sales reps and agents.

State Coverage Map

Acorn Finance currently covers 97% of the U.S. Population in 47 States.

If your state is one of the 3 states that are not covered namely Massachusetts, Nevada and Rhode Island then please be patient as we’re in the process of obtaining licenses in these remaining states. However, due to COVID-19, the state licensing application process is delayed.

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Acorn Finance is not currently available in MA, NV, RI, or USA territories or outside the USA