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Where Can I Finance a Washer & Dryer Near Me?

Do you want to finance washer and dryer? Appliances may fail at any time, and, having happened abruptly, it is highly probable that you would not have enough money ready to acquire new appliances. A new washer or dryer may cost you anywhere from $500 to $2,000. According to studies, over half of all households live paycheck to paycheck; purchasing a new washer or dryer is a significant financial burden. Whether you are strapped for cash or simply just prefer to make monthly payments, you can finance a washer and dryer. So where can you find washer and dryer financing for bad credit? Where can you find washer and dryer financing for good credit? Can you finance a washer and dryer with no credit check?

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Learn More About Washer and Dryer Financing

If you need washer and dryer financing, you probably have plenty of questions. When it comes to financing a washer and dryer, you may have a few options available. Keep reading to learn more about washer and dryer financing. You are just a decision away from getting that new washer or dryer installed in your laundry.

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How do you finance a washer and dryer?

Some retailers may provide in-store financing in the form of credit cards or promotional financing. In some cases promotional financing can offer a 0% interest rate for a certain term. While this can be considered the same as paying cash, you'll want to pay close attention to the terms. Promotional financing is often only available for a short term, resulting in high monthly payments. If you are unable to repay the loan in full during the promotional period, you may be charged extremely high interest charges.

Another option some may prefer for financing appliances is a handy dandy credit card. Before you swipe your credit card for thousands of dollars, you should think twice, there may be a better option. Personal loans can offer lower interest rates compared to credit cards. If you can pay the credit card balance in full before the interest kicks in, go ahead and swipe it. But if you prefer predetermined monthly payments, you should use a personal loan. In the next section, we will share the secret to uncovering the best personal loan offer.

Can you finance a washer and dryer at Acorn?

Acorn Finance can connect you to several lenders that can provide competitive appliance financing. At Acorn Finance, you have the power. When you approach a single lender on your own and invest the time to apply, they often have the upperhand. However, at Acorn Finance, our lending partners know you may be receiving several offers at once. This encourages our lending partners to send out their most competitive offer.

Acorn Finance has trustworthy lending partners that can offer APRs as low as 6.99% depending on your credit score. Individuals can discover simple and competitive payment options through Acorn Finance. At Acorn Finance, you can submit one application and receive loan offers in 60 seconds or less with no impact to your credit score. Once you have claimed the best offer and finalized the loan, you can receive funds quickly.

Should you finance a washer and dryer?

Whether or not you should finance appliances usually depends on your personal finances. In some cases, you may feel like you have no choice but to use financing. Before committing to financing, you should make sure you can cover the monthly payment. If you can cover the monthly payment and get new appliances, you should! However, if you have concerns about covering the monthly payment you should explore other options. Perhaps you can purchase used appliances for cheaper or find a friend or family member giving them away. If you do decide to finance appliances you should prioritize promotional financing or a personal loan.

There are several reasons to avoid charging a big appliance purchase to a current credit card or, worse, opening a new credit card to fund the transaction. When you compare credit cards with personal loans, you will see that obtaining a personal loan surpasses the benefits of using a credit card to purchase a new item. The following are the top three reasons to avoid charging something on a credit card:

The interest rate

Increase your utilization rate

You reduce your available credit for emergencies.

Does financing a washer and dryer hurt your credit?

If you make consistent on-time payments, financing a washer and dryer should not hurt your credit. As a matter of fact, if you successfully pay the loan off on time or early, you are likely to see an increase in your credit score. Shortly after securing appliance financing, your credit score may temporarily dip but it's likely to soon go back up. When you have your credit pulled or take on more debt, it's normal for the changes to reflect through your credit score. We recommend downloading a free and secure app that allows you to monitor your credit score and transactions. Not only can this help you monitor your score but it can alert you of any fraudulent activity early on.

Does Acorn have 24 month financing?

Acorn Finance has lending partners that can offer personal loans up to 12 years. Typically the term offered depends on the loan amount and the borrower. As we mentioned earlier, a new washer and dryer usually costs between $500 to $2,000. Of course it can always cost more or less than this but based on the average range, it wouldn't be reasonable to search for 24-month washer and dryer financing.

If you are trying to estimate monthly payments, you should pick out a washer and dryer combo unit you want to finance, estimate the total, and submit an application at Acorn Finance. Keep in mind you may incur installation fees or fees to haul away old appliances. You can use a personal loan to cover additional fees.

Is it bad to finance appliances like a washer and dryer?

If you can't afford the monthly payment, you should not finance appliances like a washer and dryer. However, if you can cover the monthly payment, it's not a bad idea to finance a washer and dryer. While financing can increase total costs, the extra costs may be necessary to get the appliances you need. Keeping your savings intact can help you be more prepared in the event of a real emergency.

If you have bad credit, you may still qualify for appliance financing. However, it's likely that you will get a high interest rate. A high interest rate can increase costs more significantly. While this may be a negative, you can turn it into a positive by making on time payments until the loan is repaid in full. A positive mark on your credit history can help rebuild your credit and potentially secure a lower interest rate next time you need financing.

If you have appliance financing and are struggling to make monthly payments, or maybe you have already missed a few, you should contact the lender right away. They may be willing to revise repayment terms to make things easier for you while increasing their chance of full repayment.

How much can I borrow to finance a washer and dryer?

The type of financing you use can determine how much you can borrow for financing a washer and dryer. If you are financing a washer and dryer combo, you will likely need to borrow more than if you are just purchasing one or the other. While this may seem obvious, the reason we bring it up is that you may need to use a personal loan to afford both. While some retailers may offer in-store promotional financing, it's often a very short term. If you go this route, make sure you understand the terms. Oftentimes you need to spend a certain amount of money within a specified timeframe in order to take advantage of the promotional offer. In addition, if the balance is not repaid by the end of the promotional period, you may face high interest rates. Remember, lenders are motivated by money. If they offer something that sounds nearly free to you, always look out for the catch.
Personal loans often offer more flexibility. They can also offer a fixed term and fixed monthly payment, making them easier to manage. In some cases, you may be able to choose from in-store financing or a personal loan. To make the best decision, consider the total loan cost and monthly payment. Even if one option has a lower total loan cost but the monthly payment will be a stretch, go with the more affordable payment. While it's important to be aware of what borrowing money may cost you, ultimately you will need to have a term and payment plan that works for your budget.

Is financing a washer and dryer worth it?

Financing a washer and dryer can make financial sense. Especially, if you need a washer and dryer and don't have the cash available. In some cases, you may have the cash available but are still considering financing. Cash is important to keep a healthy amount of money as you will not be able to finance some emergencies or events that arise in life. When you have the option to finance a big ticket item, you should consider it. You will want to run your own personal analysis to determine if financing is worth it or not for you, but in most cases, financing can make sense, especially if you have good credit.
If you only qualify for a high interest rate, financing a washer and dryer may not be worth it. In addition, with bad credit you may not qualify for promotional financing. If you have credit challenges it may be easier to qualify for a personal loan as opposed to promotional financing. Ultimately though if you have credit challenges you may want to rebuild your credit before taking any kind of loan. While washer and dryer financing may help improve your credit, you may have to pay a lot for the opportunity.

How long can I finance a washer and dryer?

Your payment will be impacted by your loan term and amount, as well as other factors such as the interest rate. As we mentioned earlier, it's important to make sure you can afford the monthly payment. However, searching for the longest loan term available may be a costly mistake. You want to choose a loan term that is affordable in terms of payment and total loan costs.
The loan term available usually depends on the lender, the type of loan, and what you qualify for. Let us help you understand. If you are using a promotional financing offer through a retailer, it's likely that the term will be short. Maybe as short as a few months. You will need to check with the retailer to see what terms are available. It often depends on how much you spend. The other thing to keep in mind with promotional financing is that you do not always have to pay the balance off within the promotional period. However, if you do not pay the balance in full during the promotional period, you may face extremely high interest rates and other fees. This can end up costing far more than just taking out a personal loan from the start. Personal loans can offer more flexible terms. In some cases, lenders may even be able to offer terms up to 12 years with a personal loan. It's likely that you will not need this much time to repay a loan for a new washer and dryer but you should at the very least have more options when it comes to using a personal loan.

Can I get washer and dryer financing online?

At Acorn Finance, you can check washer and dryer financing offers online. Alternatively, if you are looking for in-store financing, you may be able to check offers online as well. Most retailers that offer financing will advertise offers online. However, you will need to read the fine print or contact a representative to know what is realistic. In addition, you may need to visit the store to apply.
In some cases, you can secure washer and dryer financing 100% online but it depends on the lender. With the recent pandemic you may be trying to avoid your exposure to crowds. If so, you should visit Acorn Finance to check offers for washer and dryer financing. You may even be able to qualify for a high enough loan amount to finance other appliances as well. It can be helpful to determine how much you need to borrow before checking offers.

What are the best washer and dryer brands?

Top-line brands like Whirlpool and Maytag have been around for decades and are well known for their quality. For the past ten years, GE's washers and dryers have also been experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The company has invested a lot of time and money to make its products greener and use more efficient technology. In general, it's wise to check out all brands before committing to anyone in particular.
If you're looking for a washer with great features but don't want to break the bank, consider Electrolux models. They have a reasonable cost yet come with some standout features that make them worth buying, such as washing silk shirts (which most other models can't do).
Small washers and dryers might be the best choices for people who live in small spaces like an apartment because they don't take up as much space as full-sized counterparts. However, most apartment dwellers prefer front load washers since they use less water and energy than other models. Front-load models come with an agitator at the bottom to help wash clothes more efficiently. If yours has a delicate cycle setting, it will also help get those delicate clothes clean!
You should also consider the features of the products and not just the brand. Features to look out for include capacity, which refers to how much water it can hold. The more water a washer can take, the more clothes you'll be able to wash in one go. Look for at least two cubic feet of washing space, and if you have big laundry loads, buy a machine with higher capacity.
Another feature worthy of mention is water temperatures (cold, warm, or hot) and how the machine cleans your clothes once they're done being washed. Tumble-drying cycles are excellent for fluffing up bedding material like pillows. Look for competitive features, fair pricing, as well as top brands.

Where can you finance a washer & dryer on credit?

If you're looking to finance a washer and dryer on credit, there are plenty of places that can help you. In general, there are five types of financing options available.

  • In-house financing
  • Rent-to-own programs
  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Personal line of credit

Here are some more details about these five main financing options for people looking to finance a washer and dryer on credit.

In-house financing

Many places that sell washers and dryers have their own in-house financing options. Either you can finance the purchase directly through the store or the store will have lenders available that provide financing directly to their customers. In-house financing options could be something worth considering, especially if they have any 0% introductory APR promotions.

Before signing up for a 0% APR introductory financing option, make sure you read and understand all the fine print. If you should happen to make a late payment or you do not pay off the loan before the end of the introductory period, you may be required to pay the back-dated interest plus additional fees on top of the balance you already owe.

Also, some of these types of financing options do not allow you to pay off the loan early, so make sure you make every payment on time to avoid consequences.

Rent-to-own programs

Rent-to-own programs are common for appliances and they often are a good choice for bad credit borrowers because typically a credit check is not required. Rent-to-own programs are also good for people who need appliances and may not know exactly how long they will be living where they are currently living. With rent-to-own programs, you can pay a monthly or weekly fee to have the appliances in your home, use them as needed, and return them at any time. If you make the payments regularly, after a predetermined period of time, you will pay off the balance owed and own them outright.

Personal loans

Personal loans can be a good option for financing a washer and dryer and or other appliances too. Since they are funded as a lump sum and typically repaid in equal monthly installments, they offer plenty of flexibility. Simply determine how much you need to borrow and find a personal loan with a monthly payment that fits in your budget. If you need to purchase additional appliances, a personal loan can be especially resourceful. Personal loans should have lower interest rates than credit cards and often more flexible repayment terms than any other option listed. To check personal loan offers for appliances, visitAcorn Finance.

Credit cards

Credit cards are quick and easy to use, however, interest rates are typically higher than other forms of credit and there is no set pay-off date. If there is no set pay-off date and you only pay the minimum monthly payments, you could be paying a lot more in interest than if you would have taken out a personal loan or obtained in-house financing. There is the case that a retailer offers a credit card with a promotional period. If this is the case, make sure you understand the terms. If you can pay the balance in full within the promotional period, this may be the very best option.

Personal lines of credit

Personal lines of credit act like credit cards, however, interest rates are typically lower. Also, your revolving line of credit can be accessed either through wire transfers to your personal checking account, through a debit card, or by receiving cash from a bank branch or ATM location.

Is it easy to finance a washer and dryer?

Yes, washers and dryers are typically easy to finance, especially if you have good credit. Washers and dryers are typically considered a necessary purchase for a household, therefore there are many financing options available. From financing directly from retailers to obtaining a personal loan or using a credit card, paying for a new or used washer and dryer is not that hard. Additionally, if you have bad credit, there are rent-to-own options available that do not require a credit check.

How much does a washer and dryer set usually cost?

Depending on the features, a washer could cost you anywhere from $250 to $2,050, and a dryer can cost between $200 and $1,750. If you are looking for a washer and dryer combination appliance, the average price can be anywhere from $500 to $1,500 with some high-end models costing close to $3,000 or more.

Is it cheaper to buy a washer and dryer as a set?

Ideally, you buy a washer and dryer as a set because they match and age equally. Whether or not this is cheaper just depends on the set you choose and any promotions offered by the manufacturer or retailer. Keep in mind that a washer and dryer should last for years to come. Therefore, as you shop, consider quality brands, reviews, and warranties, not just price. Financing can help you acquire higher quality washer and dryer sets by expanding your budget.

How do you choose the right washer and dryer?

Choosing the right washer and dryer is not difficult. Typically, you are going to want to first decide if you want a combination washer and dryer unit or separate units. Next, research some dependable brands and read reviews. Last, decide what size you need and set your budget. After that, you can see what kind of features you like in the different brands and models you look at.

What brands make the best washer & dryer sets?

When it comes to washers and dryers, there are many brands that have developed reputations over the years for being dependable and long-lasting. Some brands are even household names that every American can easily recognize. Here are some of the best brands available for purchase in the United States.

  • LG
  • General Electric
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch

All of these brands should have both front-load and top-load washer and dryer sets available for purchase in the United States.

Is it better to get a washer-dryer combo or separate ones?

In the end, one is not really better than the other. They both should wash and dry your clothes sufficiently enough and combos and individual units should last about the same amount of time. After that, it is more about what you prefer, what you have space for, and the amount of clothes you need to wash each week.

If you have a large family and kids in sports, then you may want to go for some extra large individual washer and dryer units that allow you to clean an incredible amount of clothing at once. Being able to do larger loads can save you a good amount of time.

If you live in a smaller apartment or condominium where space is limited, then maybe you would prefer a washer and dryer combination unit to fit in a smaller space like a closet. Also, if you live in an apartment with just yourself, or it is only you and a partner or roommate, then you may not need to wash as many clothes and can get by with a smaller unit.

When you are shopping for a new washer and dryer, whether you get a combo or separate ones is entirely up to your preference. Brand, durability, and longevity are the most important factors to consider rather than the shape or design of the unit(s).

Are top-load or front-load washers better?

When it comes down to top-load versus front-load washers, again, it is mostly up to your preference. It's generally accepted that front-load washers clean better with less water and a more gentle touch and top-load washers are quicker and can fit more clothes. In the end, it's up to you.

What are the pros and cons of washer and dryer financing?

Financing appliances such as a washer and dryer can come with pros and cons. While you can get what you need right away and make monthly installments, you should make sure you can afford the financial commitment. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of washer and dryer financing:
– Get your washer and dryer today
– Easy monthly installments
– Expand your budget
– Interest and other fees
– Temptation to overspend

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, appliance financing can provide the funds you need to purchase those energy efficient and advanced new appliances you have had your eyes on. At Acorn Finance, we have dedicated lending partners, ready to provide the appliance financing you need. Within 60 seconds or less you can check offers with no impact to your credit score. Our lending partners can offer APRs as low as 6.99% depending on your credit score.Check financing offers. . .get started online today!

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