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Are you in the market to build a post frame building, or thinking about renovating an old post frame building but need financing? Or maybe you’re a contractor with a customer that wants to build a post frame building but needs to secure a loan. No matter what your reason is, let Acorn Finance help you secure a post frame building loan or financing today with zero hassle. Secure financing for a post frame house or building for up to $100,000, even with bad or average credit. You will also get some of the lowest rates around when financing your post frame structure through Acorn. Repair your current framing or build a new post frame structure, home, or building today by financing through Acorn Finance.

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Post Frame Construction Financing Made Easy

Post frame buildings are a highly engineered wood-frame building method in the construction world. Post frame buildings can offer an inexpensive, efficient, reliable, and strong structure. They can offer a long list of benefits that we are going to review throughout our blog. Post frame buildings can allow clearing spans up to about 100 feet and can be easy to maintain. In most cases, they can be built quickly and offer lower construction costs. They are known to be versatile structures that can be built on multiple foundations to adapt to a variety of climate and site conditions.

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Can you finance a pole building?

Yes, you can finance a pole building. Popular options for pole barn financing are unsecured personal loans. Acorn Finance provides an open marketplace platform that features nationally recognized lenders. Acorn Finance lending partners are encouraged to send their most competitive offers because they know you may be receiving other offers. Borrowers can submit an inquiry at Acorn Finance and check offers from lending partners within seconds. Acorn Finance also partners with some pole barn manufacturers or retailers. Whether you visit Acorn Finance online directly or get connected through a partner, you can expect a seamless and hassle free experience.

What is the best way to finance a pole barn?

Financing a pole barn allows you to make payments over time with interest rather than shelling out a lump sum of cash. While paying cash for a pole barn is likely your cheapest option, you may need financing. One of the ways to finance a pole barn is using an unsecured personal loan. If you are building a pole barn on the same property as your home, you may be able to use a secured loan. Secured loans may offer lower interest rates but usually require lengthy application processes. In addition, you’ll most likely need to have equity in your home to qualify.

How much does it cost to build a post frame building?

Building costs for a post frame building can vary from project to project. A little later on we will dive into factors that can impact the cost of building a post frame building. For now, we’ll keep it simple. In most cases, the most cost effective way to build a post frame building is to use prefab kits or packages. Post frame packages or kits can cost as little as $8,000. The cost of a post frame building depends heavily on the size, features, and materials.

How do builders get financing?

Builders that offer financing can increase revenues and customer satisfaction. So how do builders get financing? Builders can sign up with partners like Acorn Finance to offer customers a network of reputable lenders. Some lenders may be able to directly partner with builders but partnering with Acorn Finance provides more options for customers. The more lenders you have in your back pocket, the more likely you are to close the deal. Not only can Acorn Finance help your customers find financing, they can help with business financing, too. Acorn Finance has lending partners that can provide business loans for startups or small businesses.

What is the cheapest type of house to build?

Tiny homes are one of the cheapest types of houses to build. However, hence to the name they can be pretty small. Despite their size tiny homes can be extremely functional living spaces. However, if you are a family of more than one a tiny home may not be your best option. Post frame houses can be more affordable than traditional houses. In addition, they can be built in a variety of sizes with plenty of design options. In most cases, a post frame building can be built faster than a stick-frame home. The construction is typically much less complicated. Shipping container homes are also on the rise due to their unique styling and affordable building costs.

Which is cheaper: stick built or pole barn?

In most cases, a pole barn is cheaper than a stick built structure. The foundation is one component of the cost savings. Pole barns use posts that are buried in the ground. Stick built barns require a well supported foundation. Stick built structures have a crawlspace foundation and use interior walls for support. While pole barns have no basement or crawlspace foundation and no load bearing interior walls. Builders estimate that about 15% of the costs of building a stick built barn are allocated to the foundation. Regardless of cost, pole barns and stick built barns can both deliver sturdy structures that can serve as year-round residences. Stick frame structures may be more expensive but are known for their design elements and resemblance of a traditional home.

Will banks finance metal homes?

Some banks may finance a metal home. It’s likely that you have a trusted bank or credit union that you already do business with. It can’t hurt to see if they can finance a metal home. The worst they can say is no. If they are unable to assist with metal home financing, you may want to try using an online lender. Most online lenders have more lenient requirements, thus allowing them to approve more types of loans.

What is the life expectancy of a pole building?

Pole barns have a life expectancy of about 40-60 years. With proper maintenance, a pole barn may exceed this life expectancy. Most pole barns exceed the lifespan of 40-60 years but builders do not want to overpromise and underdeliver. When pole barns do fail, it’s usually underground. Buried posts may sustain damage over time such as rot or breakage. The pole barn industry has developed advanced ways to prevent damage to poles. Some builders may place the poles in concrete. This can reduce the stress on the soil while helping the poles strength over time.Post frame buildings can be built on foundations including…

– columns mounted on a monolithic slab

– concrete columns in the ground

– over a basement

Keep reading to learn more about how post frame buildings are built, their benefits, and how to finance them!


How much does a post frame building cost?

All of the factors below can impact the cost of your post frame building. If you are building a 30’ x 45’ post frame building without insulation it should cost about $26 to $29 per square foot to complete. If you are building the same size building with insulation it should cost about $34 to $37 per square foot to complete. When it comes to estimating the cost of building a post frame building you should consider the following…

#1. Overall size

Depending on the workload of the builder, the size can either increase or decrease the cost. In some cases, the builder may offer a discount for building a larger structure.

#2. Features

While building your post frame structure you will probably encounter a variety of exterior features to choose from such as special exterior doors, pricey wall features, fixtures, wainscoting, and so on. The more exterior features that you upgrade, the more your project can cost.

#3. Insulation

Insulation can impact the cost of your post frame building. Insulated post frame buildings typically cost more. Below we have a comparison of insulated vs. uninsulated costs.

#4. Location

Location can impact the cost a few different ways. The first being freight. If materials need to be transported a longer distance it can cost more. Next, construction costs in certain areas can be higher. Lastly, if your location is not very accessible this can also impact the cost.

#5. Site

If your site needs additional excavation the cost can increase. In most cases, site preparation only includes leveling the footprint. Post frame buildings usually do not require a standard concrete foundation. This can make site preparation much less extensive than comparable methods.

#6. Timeline

If you need your project completed in a rush you can usually expect to pay more.

Can you finance a post frame building?

Yes, you can finance a post frame building. One of the easiest loans to apply and qualify for is a personal loan. Personal loans can be used for post frame buildings or just about anything else you would like. Most lenders offer personal loans up to $100,000 with rates starting at only 4.99%. Acorn Finance is a reliable source for receiving personalized personal loan offers. You can submit one application – that will not affect your credit score – and receive multiple personal loan offers within seconds!

Post frame buildings vs pole barns: what is the difference?

Post frame building is a common construction method used for creating pole barns. If you would like to secure pole barn financing, Acorn Finance can help with that too.

Why should you build a post frame building?

Post frame buildings can be quicker, less expensive, and built to stand against harsh conditions making them a very good option. Whether you are building for residential or commercial purposes, they can be ideal for buildings of any size and any location. Let’s look at some of the benefits of building a post frame structure…

#1. Lower cost

Post frame buildings usually require less material, less preparation, and less labor than traditional structures. This means they are usually much less expensive than comparable options. In addition, they can be more energy efficient to maintain.

#2. Strong & durable

Post frame buildings can withstand most weather and wind conditions. They have solid posts that should be anchored about 4 feet into the ground with additional reinforcement.

#3. Long-lasting

Post frame buildings have posts that should be anchored into concrete piers or metal sleeves. This helps to protect wood from underground moisture and other environmental factors. They are pretty easy and inexpensive to maintain overtime. As long as you do regular maintenance your post frame building should last you a long time.

#4. Curb appeal

Post frame homes can be customized with attractive exterior features such as brick, adobe facades, wainscoting, and more. In addition, you can spruce up the curb appeal with attractive landscaping design. You should fit right into the neighborhood with your post frame home.

Can you get a construction loan for a post frame home?

In most cases, construction loans for post frame homes are not the same as traditional home loans. However, some lenders may offer alternative construction financing for post frame homes. If you need to borrow money to build a post frame home you should look into using a personal loan.


Post frame buildings are an affordable yet attractive option that can be financed using a personal loan. Whether you have good credit or bad credit you can qualify for a personal loan. Acorn Finance partners with dozens of reliable lenders that can work with all credit types.

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