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Secure a Personal Loan with a 680 Credit Score That’s Right For You

With a 680 credit score, there will be personal loan options that work for you. So where do you find the best personal loans for a 680 credit score? Keep reading to learn more.

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Learn More About 680 Credit Score Personal Loan

With a credit score of 680, you may be able to qualify for a personal loan, a car loan, and/or a home mortgage. Lenders look at more than your credit score to determine your eligibility for particular types of financing, however, having a credit score of 680 is not a bad start. Keep reading to find out your options with a 680 credit score.

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Can I get a personal loan with a 680 credit score?

Yes, depending on the lender, you may actually find it relatively easy to qualify for a personal loan with a credit score of 680. The only thing to remember is that lenders do not only look at your credit score. They consider other information about your monthly income, pre-existing debts, and in combination with your credit score, a lender will then make a risk assessment to determine what are the chances that you would default on a personal loan. Lenders are going to want to see a decent amount of income coming in each month without a lot going out to other debt payments. This is called your debt-to-income ratio. The lower your debt-to-income ratio, the more likely a lender will consider your loan application if you have a credit score of 680. 

Most lenders will typically want to see a debt-to-income ratio below 36%. This 36% threshold includes the addition of the new personal loan into the equation. If the new personal loan puts you over the 36% threshold, the chances that your loan application will be denied increases dramatically. Aside from your income, credit score, and debt-to-income ratio, lenders may look deeper into your credit history and may even request additional information detailing your spending habits. They can, and may, request checking and savings account statements to give them a better picture of your spending habits. When it comes to looking deeper into your credit history, essentially lenders are going to be looking for red flags.

 Some typical red flags that lenders look for are recent home foreclosures or car repossessions. A major credit event like this reflects very poorly with lenders who see that you have, in the past, stopped making payments on a line of credit in some form or another that resulted in the foreclosure or vehicle repossession. Other red flags include bankruptcies. You could have a credit score of 680 and still have gone through bankruptcy in the last 24-months. Lenders typically tend to shy away from giving personal loans to individuals with recent bankruptcies on their credit reports. Although people have the ability to change and rehabilitate their credit, it still is a sign of money mismanagement and not being able to handle taking on debt. 


Is a 680 FICO credit score good?

Yes, according to Experian, a 680 FICO score is considered good. The good range on the credit spectrum spans from 670 to 739. A 680 falls within that range. Also according to Experian, 21% of all US consumers’ FICO scores fall within this good range with 35% of US consumers having a credit score lower than 680. Lenders can rest a little bit knowing that any loan applicant with a credit score of 680 only has a 9% chance of becoming seriously delinquent on a personal loan. 


What credit score is needed for a $20,000 personal loan?

The typical lender may require a minimum credit score of at least 640 to qualify for a $20,000 personal loan. Even if you do qualify for a $20,000 personal loan with a credit score of 640, you may want to be aware that you are most likely going to pay a higher interest rate than someone with a credit score of 680 or higher. Having a credit score of 680 puts you in the “good credit” range, where a score of 640 drops you into the fair range. 

There are plenty of ways you can improve your credit score from the 640 range to the 680 or above range. They may include paying off some credit cards or other debts and identifying any accounts that you may have sitting delinquent or in collections. If you have an account in collections, you may want to consider reaching out to the agency holding your debt. Once an agreement has been made and the debt is cleared, the agency will send a notice to all three credit reporting agencies. It is actions like these that will help you improve your credit score. 


Is it easy to get a $15,000 personal loan with a 680 credit score?

Getting a personal loan of any amount is not always easy. Having a credit score of 680 definitely will improve your chances of qualifying for a $15,000 personal loan, however, remember that it is not only your credit score that lenders look at when deciding whether or not to approve your loan application. They also will consider your debt-to-income ratio and they may even analyze your spending habits by reviewing your personal banking statements. 


How much can I borrow with a 680 credit score?

If you have a credit score of 680, the maximum amount you can borrow for a personal loan is $100,000. $100,000 is the maximum loan amount for personal loans no matter what your credit score is. With a credit score of 680, you might find it more difficult to qualify for a personal loan that large, however,  there still is a chance of qualifying depending on your monthly income and the amount of your other debts. 


What are the average rates for a 680 credit score personal loan?

Average personal loan rates range from 17.8% to 19.9% as of October 2021 for individuals with a credit score of 680. This is based on average personal loan rates for all loan applicants who had a credit score between 630 and 689. If someone was able to boost their credit score closer to the 690 to 719 range, they may see even better interest rates that average around 13.5% to 15.5%. Even more savings for the top tier of borrowers with credit scores of 720 or more. Average APRs ranged from 10.3% to 12.5% for borrowers within this bracket. Considering this information, you may want to spend a little time improving your credit score from 680 to 690 or above in order to potentially save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest. 

What kind of loan can I get with a 680 credit score?

With a credit score of 680, you may be able to qualify for a personal loan, a car loan, and/or a home mortgage. Again, lenders look at more than your credit score to determine your eligibility for particular types of financing, however, having a credit score of 680 is not a bad start. 


Where can I get a personal loan with a 680 credit score?

If you have a credit score of 680 and you are looking for a personal loan, you have many options that you may or may not want to explore. A credit score of 680 may be a good start if you are seeking a personal loan through your personal bank. Traditional banks typically have more strict requirements than online lenders. Online lenders have become extremely popular in recent years due to their convenience, simplicity, and sometimes lower credit score requirements. Online lenders may have lower standards when it comes to credit scores, however, you may pay a higher APR in return. As a consumer with a 680 credit score, you should have some options available. One of the best ways to find the best personal loan offer is to check offers at Acorn Finance. 


Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, a 680 credit score should allow you to qualify for a personal loan with most lenders. At Acorn Finance you can check personal loan offers with no impact on your credit score. Our network of top national lenders can offer personal loans up to $100,000 with terms up to 12 years. By completing one simple form you can receive offers from multiple lenders, depending on credit score.


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