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$10,000 Personal Loans for Good & Bad Credit

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$10K Loans for Bad Credit or Good Credit

Getting a $10,000 personal loan is easy when you apply online at Acorn Finance.

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Within seconds you can compare multiple personalized loan offers without affecting your credit score.

If you needed a personal loan a few years ago you pretty much had to go to the bank and see a loan officer. Now, you can get very competitive rates online and virtually secure a personal loan overnight if you qualify.

If you need the money quickly, we recommend using an online lender. A little later on we’ll go into more detail about where you can get a $10,000 personal loan or check offers now and compare multiple lenders in real-time.

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What is the monthly payment on a $10,000 personal loan?

Different factors such as interest rate, loan amount, and terms can impact how much your monthly payment is. However, no matter what the rate, amount, or terms are you should try to pay more than the minimum required payment. Paying more than the minimum amount due can help you save money over time. When selecting a lender or personal loan offer you should make sure your terms do not include an early payoff penalty. If you have an early payoff penalty, paying your loan off early could cost you more money. If you borrow $10,000 at 6.99% with a 3-year term the payment should be about $300 a month. Increasing your monthly payment by 20% could save you about $118. If you extend the term to 5 years the payment should be about $189. However, you may end up paying almost double the interest. On longer loans, it's especially beneficial to make more than the minimum payment due. Increasing your monthly payment by 20% on the 5-year term could save you $244.

How long will it take to pay off a $10,000 personal loan?

How long it will take to pay off a $10,000 personal loan can depend on how much you can afford per month. Most lenders offer 3 to 5-year terms for smaller loans but some lenders may offer up to 12 years. Finding the lowest interest rate possible can help you pay the loan off faster. So how will you know you have a fair interest rate? What is the average interest rate on a personal loan? Depending on your location, the average interest rate can vary. In California, the average is around 10.26%. In Hawaii, the average interest rate is around 6.76%, which is one of the lowest averages. In most places, the average is somewhere between 9% to 11%.

What does your credit score have to be to get a $10,000 dollar personal loan?

In most cases, you'll need a 580 or higher to qualify for a personal loan. In most cases, lenders will consider other factors in addition to credit score. Factors such as length on the job or income can also play a big part in whether you get approved or not. If you have bad credit, lack of income, or a new job, you may want to add a cosigner to your application to increase your chance of approval.

Can I get a $10,000 personal loan with bad credit?

It is possible to qualify for a $10,000 loan with bad credit. If you are concerned about getting approved you should avoid submitting your application to multiple places. Getting denied multiple times or having several credit inquiries can hinder your chance of approval. Acorn Finance offers a single application process that does not affect your credit scores. After you submit the application you can receive multiple personalized personal loan offers. This is a great way efficiently to shop rates and see which lenders can help you.

What is a good interest rate on a $10,000 personal loan?

Most lenders approve personal loans with an interest rate between 6% to 10% for borrowers that have good credit. If you have excellent credit and reliable income you may qualify for a lower rate.

Can you get a $10K personal loan with bad credit?

This depends on the terms and conditions of the lender or company that is allowing you to borrow. Getting a loan of any size is hard with bad credit, but $10,000 may be a reasonable amount to request. It really depends on how bad your credit is and what is on your credit report. If you have recently borrowed money and failed to repay, you probably won't qualify for financing. Lenders need to be able to justify any loan they approve.

A lender that specializes in fair or bad credit borrowers may give you the best chance of qualifying for a loan. Whether or not you qualify for $10,000 will depend on what your credit score is among other factors. Lenders that work with bad credit borrowers often consider factors such as education and job history, to maximize your chance of approval. However, if you can't prove healthy cash flows, you likely won't qualify for $10,000. Regardless of your credit score, lenders need evidence that you have the ability to repay. Whether you choose to repay or not, that's another story.

If you have direct deposit with your primary bank, they may be willing to give you a personal loan with bad credit. They may require that the loan is set to auto pay. However, loan approvals are not based on relationships. If you have a friend that works there they may be able to help find outlets to get you approved but lenders do not base loan approvals based on relationships typically. Getting approved for a loan is simple. The better your credit score is, the better your chance of getting approved. You may also qualify for better interest terms and a lower APR.

Lowering your debt-to-income ratio is a great way to raise your credit score. You should also ensure that your credit card utilization is under 30%. If it will take you a while to reach these measures and you need funding now, you might need to look into getting a secured loan or having a cosigner.

A secured loan means you will put up some form of collateral to get the loan. A cosigner just means someone else is willing to sign their name onto the loan information and will pay it back if you are unable to. If you are considered a risky borrower, this is a great way to open up your options. With a cosigner, lenders can approve your loan with more confidence. They may even qualify you for a lower interest rate or higher loan amount.

How do you get a $10K personal loan with bad credit?

The first step you should take is to check your credit score. Is it really as bad as you think? If your credit score is below 600, you should invest some time into rebuilding your credit score. If you need money ASAP, you should cut right to the chase and check personal loan offers. With a fragile credit score you will want to be careful checking offers. If a lender needs to do a hard credit pull to generate a loan offer, you should avoid applying. You will only want your credit pulled when you know you want to accept the terms. At Acorn Finance you can check personal loan offers without impacting your credit score. With a network of top national lenders, it's likely that you will be able to find a lender with competitive terms at Acorn Finance. You can also apply to lenders who specialize in giving borrowers with bad credit the loans they need. Be careful with lenders who give loans to people with bad credit though, as they often have very high interest and very high APR. Make sure you review all your lending options and shop around before choosing one.

Online lenders and credit unions are usually more willing to give borrowers with bad credit small loans. Every lender and company are different though and some may be more willing to work with you than others.

What is the minimum credit score for a $10K personal loan?

Minimum credit score requirements can vary depending on the lenders. They can also vary depending on the loan amount and terms you are requesting. Most lenders look for at least a credit score of 610. However, with stable income, no recent mispayments, and other positive factors, you may qualify for a $10,000 personal loan with a credit score below 610, but it's still not likely. While we can speculate about requirements, every borrower will be evaluated based on their own credit and financial situation. You don't want to waste your time applying but oftentimes, checking offers is one of the only ways to know if you qualify and what you qualify for. You will want to use your judgement to decide if applying for a loan is a waste of time or not.

On the flipside, some lenders may want you to have a score higher than 610. Again, it depends. Some lenders state their minimum credit score requirement online or are willing to share it if you ask. Sometimes if you have a high income or a very low debt-to-income ratio, they will be willing to give you loans even with a bad credit score.

What is considered bad credit when looking for a $10K personal loan?

The first thing most lenders will look at when they are considering giving you a loan is your credit score. Some lenders will only look at your credit score to determine whether they will give you a loan or not. You'll want to ensure you have the credit score that's needed before applying to a lender for a loan.

Poor or bad credit is considered to be less than 580. However, just because you have a higher score than 580 does not mean you will get the loan you are applying for. Most lenders require you at least to be in the fair range, which is between 580-669. Even more so, lenders will want to see a score of at least 640.

This is considered a below-average score, but on the end closer to the "good" range when it comes to credit. Having a score of 640 means you are less risky as a borrower and lenders may be more willing to lend funding to you. If you are wondering what your credit score is, you might want to check with an online resource before you begin applying for a loan.

Credit scores are calculated based on a few things. For example, FICO bases 35% of the score on payment history. 30% is based on the total amount of outstanding debt 15% is based on the length of your credit history and 10% based on new debt or newly opened lines of credit. 10% based on credit mix, which is the number of your credit lines you have open including secured credit cards.

All these different things will be used to determine your credit score and how lenders view you as a borrower.

What lenders provide $10,000 personal loans for bad credit?

As we have discussed, some lenders are more willing to capitalize and take the risk of lending to a borrower with bad credit. Some of the lenders below are Acorn Finance lending partners. Whether you have good credit or bad credit you can check offers at Acorn Finance to see if you qualify.

While every lender is different, here are some lenders that are known for giving personal loans to people with bad credit:

  • Avant
  • LendingPoint
  • Oportun
  • Universal Credit
  • OneMain
  • Best Egg
  • Upstart

You can also check with your bank or credit unions to see if they have options for lending to people with bad credit.

How can I get a $10,000 personal loan fast?

The fastest way to qualify for a $10,000 personal loan is usually online. Some online lenders approve loans instantly and release funds within 24 hours on personal loans.

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What can I do with a $10,000 personal loan?

A $10,000 personal loan has a number of uses, including (but not limited to):
Home improvement Buying a car Wedding costs
Debt consolidation Medical bills Startup business costs

Still have questions?

What are the best $10k personal loans today? 

The more money you borrow, the more it will likely cost. The cost can be driven by the amount of time you need to repay and the APR. Therefore, finding the best $10k personal loan is important. To hone in on what is the best offer, you can take the following steps.

  • Define your needs

Before diving into loan offers, determine why you need the loan and how much you need. If you plan to use the loan for a specific purpose, such as a home improvement project or HVAC repair, you should gather estimates. Gathering estimates or shopping can help you determine exactly what the project will cost. When you borrow money, you should try only to borrow what you need. If you happen to over-borrow, you may want to repay the extra amount as soon as possible. Loans that don’t have prepayment penalties allow borrowers to pay the loan off sooner than the end of the repayment period. This can help borrowers save money. It can benefit the lender too. While they may not profit as much on the loan, they can get their money back faster, thus allowing them to put it back to work. 

  • Check your credit score

It can be helpful to check your credit score before applying for a loan. If possible, identify ways to boost your credit score before checking offers. Offers will be more likely to be returned for borrowers with fair, good, average, or excellent credit. Most lenders on the Acorn Finance platform have a credit score cutoff of 600 or above. To qualify for $10,000, you must meet the requirements set forth by the lender. Additionally, you should be in a position to afford the payments. If the lender suspects the loan will cause financial troubles, they may be less likely to extend an offer. 

  • Check offers

Now that you’ve taken the preliminary steps, it’s time to find the best $10,000 personal loan. At Acorn Finance, you can check personal loan offers up to $100,000, depending on credit score. Our network of top lenders wants to earn your business. Check rates in minutes with no credit score impact. With access to multiple offers in one place you can simplify the process of finding the best personal loan offer. 

How do you compare $10,000 loans today?

Comparing loans, regardless of the amount, required borrowers to get prequalified. Loan offers can vary depending on what the borrower qualifies for. Therefore, comparing $10,000 loans takes more work than just viewing advertised rates. Typically, getting prequalified does not impact your credit score, but it’s best to verify potential credit impact with the lender. 

While you can research lenders independently to see which might be the best fit, this can be time-consuming. We have seen a boom in the online marketplace for personal loans. Lenders and businesses are recognizing the value in working together to help more people. Through platforms such as Acorn Finance, you can check rates and compare loan offers from a network of top national lenders. We streamline the loan shopping process by providing consumers with a safe and secure platform to shop for personal loan offers. Without commitment or a credit score impact, you can still see what you qualify for. 

Want to see more offers? Consider contacting your local bank or credit union to see what they can offer. While too many options can complicate things, you will want to make sure you have found the right loan offer before proceeding. 

What are $10k loans?

$10k Loans can come in a variety of loan types. From auto loans to home improvement loans, determining what type of loan is best can help put you on the right path. 

Regardless of the type of loan, a $10,000 loan is a loan for $10,000. Pretty straightforward, right? Remember, a loan must be repaid. The repayment period or agreement can vary, but is usually important to borrowers. If you default on a loan, it can impact your credit score negatively. In the event you run into unforeseen financial struggles, be proactive and try to work with the lender to find a way to repay the loan. 

How do $10,000 personal loans work?

Personal loans are installment loans. An overview of how they work is as follows.

  1. Get prequalified to receive a loan offer
  2. Accept offer
  3. Submit documentation or information that may be requested during the underwriting process 
  4. Receive approval and funding 
  5. Repay funds in fixed monthly installments with interest over a predetermined period 

With few spending restrictions, you can use a personal loan for one use or several uses. Yet another reason personal loans are so popular. 

When are $10k loans worth it?

Financial decisions deserve consideration. While money is not everything in life, we want to make a conscious effort to work to better our lives constantly. Maintaining a healthy and comfortable financial position can be an important part of working toward a better life. Sometimes, we have the cash but prefer to keep it, causing us to pursue a loan. Other times, we don’t have the cash, so we turn to a loan. 

As you determine if a $10k loan is worth it or not, consider if it will help you get ahead or set you back. Consider the possibility of finances changing. While we can’t predict the future, sometimes we know that a job change or major life shift is coming. It’s best not to assume everything will be okay. A better approach is to plan. 

Ultimately, whether a personal loan is worth it or not will depend on personal circumstances. As you shop offers, pay attention to total loan costs rather than just monthly payments. You should consider total loan costs as borrowing money does cost money.

List pros & cons of $10k personal loans:


  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Funding in as little as 1-2 business days (although funding times may vary) 
  • Funded as a lump sum 
  • Few spending restrictions
  • Marketplace of lenders to consider 


  • Interest rates and fees
  • Risk of default 
  • Credit score impact 
  • Increase in project costs 
  • Increases debt 

Remember, pros and cons can vary as everyone has their own unique situation. Invest time to consider how a loan will impact your financial situation and life. Part of this process can include a list of pros and cons that are specific to you.


Why choose Acorn Finance for comparing $10k personal loans?

Comparing loan offers empowers consumers to make better-educated financial decisions. The reason it’s a step often skipped is because consumers don’t always consider how big of a business lending is. They get an offer and don’t want to lose it, so they move forward with the offer. Additionally, the truth is that comparing loan offers is a big chore. Doing so, though, can save you money and set you up for success moving forward. 


At Acorn Finance, you can check rates in seconds with no credit score impact. Take advantage of our convenient portal with vetted and trusted top lending partners. With well-known names, you can expedite your way to finding the right $10,000 dollar personal loan. Additionally, we eliminate the frustration of sifting through the internet, verifying lenders, and researching for hours. Whether you are ready to take out a loan today or just shopping around - you have everything to gain by checking offers at Acorn. Plus, you can sign in and return to them at a later date if the offers are still available. Our lending partners can fund loans in as little as 1-2 business days, although funding times can vary, so when you’re ready to accept an offer, they are ready to help. Upon accepting the offer, you can complete the application and approval process with the lender of your choice. 

Pros and cons of lenders $10k Personal Loans:


Best for home improvement loans 

While LightStream is best for larger personal or home improvement loans, undoubtedly, they are a top choice. With competitive offerings and large loan amounts available, you may be able to afford to borrow more with LightStream. 

As an Acorn Finance lending partner, you can access an offer from LightStream if you qualify through our platform. One of the biggest highlights of LightStream is NO origination fees and the fact that they allow applicants to apply with a co-signer. While they may have more strict requirements to qualify, they are worth trying to qualify with. 

Minimum qualifications: 

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 660 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement of $50,000/year


  • No origination fees
  • Funding as soon as one business day on approved loans, although funding times can vary
  • Competitive loan offers
  • Allows co-signer
  • Large personal loans available 
  • Flexible repayment periods up to 12 years


  • Strict qualification requirements
  • No access to pre-qualify through the LightStream website (When applying directly, you can get pre-approved but not pre-qualified; therefore, you may be subject to a hard credit pull. To get pre-qualified with LightStream, check offers through Acorn Finance to see if you qualify.)
  • No direct payment to creditors for debt consolidation loans


Best for online personal loans for borrowers with next-to-perfect credit

For well-qualified borrowers, SoFi is a top choice for personal loans. Similar to LightStream, SoFi offers larger loans. With competitive offers though you may be able to borrow more. SoFi does not charge origination fees and offers extended repayment periods. As an Acorn Finance lending partner, you can access offers from SoFi and other competitive lenders through the Acorn Finance platform. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 680 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement of $50,000/year


  • Flexible loan amounts and repayment terms
  • No origination fees
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Funding as soon as one business day on approved loans, although funding times can vary
  • Allows cosigner applications
  • Unemployment protection available


  • High credit score requirement
  • Approvals may take 3 days or more

Best Egg

Best for personal loans for borrowers with fair credit 

Best Egg allows borrowers to qualify for personal loans without a perfect credit score. While Best Egg may not offer as much flexibility as other lenders, with fair credit, you may not have as many options available. Best Egg can offer fast funding and competitive loan offers. Plus, they do not have a minimum income requirement. As an Acorn Finance lending partner, you can access offers from Best Egg and other competitive lenders through the Acorn Finance platform. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 600 or above 
  • No minimum income requirement 


  • Fair credit scores can qualify
  • No minimum income requirement
  • Same or next-day funding is available, although funding times can vary


  • Not available in some states
  • Origination fees between 0.99% and 6.99%
  • Higher APRs


Best for peer-to-peer loans

Peer-to-peer loans cut out financial institutions. This can work to benefit borrowers by offering them more flexibility and opportunity. If you have credit challenges or a lack of income (or provable income), you may want to consider a peer-to-peer lender such as Prosper. While Prosper may have limited repayment periods and charge an origination fee, they have less strict requirements compared to some other lenders. As an Acorn Finance lending partner, you can access offers from Best Egg and other competitive lenders through the Acorn Finance platform. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 600 or above 
  • No minimum income requirement 


  • Low threshold for credit score
  • No minimum income requirement
  • Flexibility to change payment dates


  • Long funding times
  • Origination and late fees may apply
  • No rate discount for autopay is available
  • Restrictive repayment periods
  • Funding may take about 5 business days 


Best for bad credit personal loans 

Upgrade offers a wide range of loan amounts with lenient requirements, thus allowing them to help borrowers with bad credit. If you have financial flaws but need a personal loan, Upgrade may be a top contender for you to consider. With no collateral requirement and no down payment, you can get funding quickly without strings attached with Upgrade. As an Acorn Finance lending partner, you can check offers from Upgrade and other top national lenders through the Acorn platform. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 560 or above 
  • No minimum income requirement


  • Low credit score requirement
  • No early payoff penalty
  • Joint applications allowed
  • Funding as soon as one business day on approved loans, although funding times can vary


  • Origination fees between 2.9% to 8%
  • Higher APRs, especially for subprime borrowers

Axos Bank

Best for refinancing existing personal loan

Axos bank has a higher minimum credit score requirement than some competitors, but they can offer generous loan amounts. Additionally, Axos Bank offers low origination fees. For borrowers with a solid credit score looking to refinance an existing personal loan in order to lock in a lower rate and payment, Axos Bank should be on your radar. As an Acorn Finance lending partner you can check offers from Axos Bank and other top national lenders through the Acorn platform. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 700 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement $48,000/year


  • Low origination fees
  • Mobile app to manage loans
  • Fast funding times
  • Funding as soon as one business day on approved loans, although funding times can vary


  • High credit score requirement
  • Origination fee up to 2%

OneMain Financial

Best for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit who need fast funding for a personal loan

OneMain Financial can help borrowers with less-than-perfect credit and low minimum annual income. While loan costs can be high, if you need to borrow money, OneMain Financial may be able to provide the funds you need. If the loan is managed responsibly and repaid on time, you can take advantage of an opportunity to boost your credit score. With funding available in as little as one business day, although funding times can vary, OneMain Financial is a well-known lender that you should consider. As an Acorn Finance lending partner, you can check offers from OneMain Financial and other top national lenders through the Acorn platform. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 600 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement $7,200/year


  • Low credit score requirement
  • Offers secured loan option
  • Low income requirement
  • Flexibility to choose your payment date
  • Fast funding times


  • High interest compared to similar lenders
  • Origination fee between 1% – 10% (or flat fee up to $500 depending on state)


Best for fair credit personal loans with fast funding

LendingPoint is another lender on our list that can work with borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. Plus, they can deliver funds quickly, too. Borrowing with bad credit can be costly, but if repaid on time, you can leverage the opportunity to boost your credit score. As an Acorn Finance lending partner, you can check offers from  LendingPoint and other top national lenders through the Acorn platform. 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 600 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement $30,000/year


  • Low origination fees
  • Relaxed credit score and income requirements
  • Same or next-day funding is available, although funding times can vary


  • No joint applications
  • High loan costs
  • Short repayment periods 


Check rates from these top lenders and more at Acorn Finance!

Lenders outside the Acorn network to consider:

Lending USA

LendingUSA is best for one-time purchases or uses, such as cosmetic surgery financing, pet financing, funeral financing, and more. LendingUSA offers loans for a variety of industries. Loans can be obtained through the LendingUSA website or through a merchant partner that refers to LendingUSA. Additionally, if you pay your loan off within six months, no interest will be charged to the principal. With fast approval decisions and loans as small as $1,000 available, Lending USA is another lender to consider for a  personal loan. 

Reprise Financial

Reprise Financial can help borrowers find personal loan offers that meet their needs. To help borrowers obtain funds quickly, Reprise works to streamline the personal loan process. With customized payment options and fixed rates, check personal loan offers at Reprise Financial. 

Universal Credit

For borrowers with bad credit, Universal Credit may be your golden ticket to the funds you need. With a minimum credit score requirement of only 560, Universal Credit is a top choice for subprime borrowers. While loan costs may be higher, they usually are when it comes to borrowing money with bad credit.

Do you need a loan of $10,000 urgently with no credit check? Acorn Finance is here to help. We offer loans with no credit check, apply today!

Where can I get a $10,000 personal loan near me?


Online lenders are one of the best places to get a $10,000 personal loan. They can offer competitive rates, fast funding, and an easy approval process. Plus you can complete the entire process from the comfort of your own home. However, if you value face to face interactions you can go to a traditional bank for a personal loan. Most banks and credit unions offer personal loans. Their rates should be competitive with online lenders but the process may take more time and it may be harder to qualify. If you have credit challenges you should use an online lender. If you are considering a personal loan and want to compare offers you should visit Acorn Finance.

Closing Thoughts: Is a $10K Loan for me?


Hopefully, after reading this blog you can confidently decide if a $10,000 personal loan is a good idea for you. Even though you will pay interest on the money you borrow, if you use funds wisely, personal loans can put you ahead. Many individuals use personal loans for debt consolidation and home improvement. If you use a personal loan for debt consolidation you will most likely qualify for a much lower rate compared to a credit card. If you use a personal loan for home improvement you can increase your home value. Most lenders do not monitor how you spend the personal loan meaning you can technically use it for just about anything!

What could you do with $10,000? Apply online today for a $10K personal loan:

  • Complete and submit a short loan application online
  • Receive multiple pre-qualified offers
  • Get connected with lenders to obtain your pre-qualified loan

One home, endless possibilities


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