Headway Sales Inc., doing business as Acorn Finance, is a Delaware corporation. Please refer to the terms of use for additional disclosures and conditions of use.

State Licenses

Acorn Finance has been issued the following licenses and registrations:


Arizona Consumer Lender License # CL-1007809


California Finance Lender License # 60DBO-83199


Colorado Mortgage Company Registration Regulated by the Division of Real Estate, NMLS # 1817022


Connecticut Small Loan Company License # SLC-1817022


Illinois Residential Mortgage License # MB.6761613


Maine Loan Broker License # CSO15244

Maine law requires that the disclosures below be provided to consumers before any contact is signed with, and before any money is paid to, a credit services organization or third parties.

Written Agreement or Contract
Please print out this information and save it for your records. You consent, acknowledge and agree that you have read and received a copy of this Disclosure to Consumer.

Acorn Finance will not act as your lender or credit provider. Acorn Finance provides your loan request to our lenders and our lenders will contact you with their conditional loan offers. While we seek to help you meet your financial needs, we do not distribute the products of all lenders or investors in the market and cannot guarantee the lowest price or best terms available in the market.

Acorn Finance provides loan information at no cost to you. Acorn Finance will not charge or seek fees of any kind from you. Acorn Finance receives fees from lenders and may be paid by the lender based on services, goods or facilities performed or provided by us to the Lender.

This agreement remains in effect only as long as you seek to use the services offered by Acorn Finance. You may discontinue this relationship at any time, without notice, at no cost or penalty to you.

It is important that you read and understand all contracts related to any credit services you obtain. It is also important for you to retain a copy for your records.

Escrowing of Consumer Funds
Acorn Finance does not accept any fees from the consumer, including third-party fees.

Consumer Protection Bond
A consumer protection bond is on file with the State of Maine. If you have a claim against our company which cannot be resolved through informal means, you may institute an action to recover your loss from that bond by filing a written complaint with the Director, Office of Consumer Credit Regulation, 35 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0035.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Small Loan Lender License # 23516-SM

New Jersey

New Jersey Consumer Lender License # 2104813

North Carolina

North Carolina Loan Broker Filing Registration # 339

North Dakota

North Dakota Money Broker License # MB103671


Oklahoma Credit Service Organization License # CSO00526


Oregon Consumer Finance License # 1817022


Pennsylvania Consumer Discount Company License # 74960


Tennessee Industrial Loan and Thrift Company Registration # 173201
Tennessee Mortgage License # 1817022


Texas Regulated Lender License # 159862