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$3,500 Personal Loans For Good & Bad Credit

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$3,500 Dollar Loan

Can you get a $3,500 loan with bad credit?

While bad credit can present some challenges, there may be loans available that offer flexibility. From less strict requirements to manageable monthly payments, you might be able to find suitable options. A good starting point is to check your credit score. How bad is it? And, what is bad? Credit scores below 579 and below are considered poor and scores between 580-669 are considered fair by most. Identifying ways to improve your credit score can increase your chance of approval as offers will be more likely to be returned for borrowers with fair, good, average, or excellent credit. Most lenders on the Acorn Finance platform have a credit score cutoff of 600 or above. In some cases you can apply with a co-signer, who ideally has good credit or better, which can increase your chance of approval. Applicants shopping for a loan with bad credit can benefit from identifying lenders that specialize in helping borrowers with less than perfect credit, otherwise known as subprime lenders. All in all though, even if you find a loan offer that works, you may pay a higher price for borrowing money with bad credit. If you can wait, work on boosting your credit score before taking out a loan. 

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What is the monthly payment on a $3,500 loan?

Monthly payments can vary depending on the offer, and offers can vary depending on the lender and what one qualifies for. Before checking loan offers, you might be wondering if it’s even worth your time. If monthly payments are going to be out of budget, then it might not be. However, it’s best to check offers to determine what monthly payments might actually look like. At Acorn Finance you can check real loan offers with no credit score impact so you can see what monthly payments might be. For estimating purposes, here are some scenarios and estimated monthly payments. You can also use our payment calculator to estimate monthly payments. 

  • $3,500 loan over 2 years: Payments as low as $155 (at 5.97% APR)
  • $3,500 loan over 3 years: Payments as low as $106 (at 5.99% APR)
  • $3,500 loan over 5 years: Payments as low as $73 (at 8.99% APR)

Keep in mind that repayment period, APR and other factors can make a significant impact on monthly payments. As you compare offers, pay attention to the details of the loan offer beyond just the monthly payment. This can help you find just the right balance between the total loan cost and monthly payment. 

What are the pros and cons of getting a $3,500 personal loan?

Pros and cons are an important part of making decisions. When it comes to financial decisions, stopping to consider the pros and cons can help you make better decisions. In some cases we may feel we have no other choice but to take out a loan. However, in some other cases you may be borrowing money for a leisure item, activity, or reason. The pros and cons of a loan can vary depending on what purpose the loan is serving. We have compiled some general pros and cons, but you may want to dig deeper to create a list of pros and cons as they pertain to your situation. 


  • Access to lump sum of cash 
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Opportunity to improve credit score 
  • Keep savings intact 
  • Fast funding available 
  • Check offers with no credit score impact 
  • Online lending marketplace can save time 
  • Some lenders can help borrowers with credit challenges 


  • APR and fees associated with the loan 
  • Taking on debt 
  • Unforeseen circumstances may impact ability to repay
  • Negative impact on credit score if you default, make late payments , etc.

What credit score is needed for a $3,500 loan?

Credit score requirements can vary. However, offers will be more likely to be returned for borrowers with fair, good, average, or excellent credit. Most lenders on the Acorn Finance platform have a credit score cutoff of 600 or above.

Can you get a $3,500 loan with no credit check?

Credit is an important part of most loans, but there are some exceptions. Some companies may offer loans with no credit checks. Before proceeding make sure you understand the costs and agreement, as they may not always be in favor of the applicant. When possible, using a loan that reports to major credit bureaus can help improve your credit over time, helping justify loan costs. Additionally, companies that overlook credit score assume greater risk, and one they are hoping to make a nice profit on. At Acorn Finance, you can check offers for personal loans with no credit score impact. This allows you to explore options without a ding on your credit report. Our lending partners are reputable and Acorn approved, so you can focus on all the other details. 

Can I get a $3,500 loan for debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is often used to help consumers eventually pay down debt. It offers a streamlined way to combine accounts. You can use a $3,500 loan for debt consolidation, as long as there are no restrictions saying otherwise. In some cases the lender may offer direct payment to creditors. This means they can handle paying the previous creditor or lender, and transferring the balance to the new loan. With a debt consolidation loan, you essentially pay off specified accounts and the balance transfers to the new loan. Once debts are consolidated into the new loan, you can make payments on the loan loan. Usually, this is a fixed monthly payment, so you will know how much to pay each month and when the loan will be paid in full. This can help borrowers see a light at the end of the tunnel. There may be some costs associated with the transaction, so be mindful of these when determining if debt consolidation makes sense. Ultimately, paying off debts is important, so if debt consolidation can help you do that, it can be worthwhile. 

What is considered bad credit when looking for a $3,500 personal loan?

Credit score may be a requirement you have to meet when applying for a loan. Other requirements can include income and debt-to-income. We mention this because, there’s no guarantee you will qualify just because you meet the credit score requirement. Requirements can also vary depending on the requested loan amount. Offers will be more likely to be returned for borrowers with fair, good, average, or excellent credit. Most lenders on the Acorn Finance platform have a credit score cutoff of 600 or above.

How to apply for a $3,500 personal loan?

The first step is to get pre-qualified. While processes can vary by lender, most require some sort of application. At Acorn Finance you can get the process started in 3 simple steps by checking offers. 

  1. Visit Acorn Finance online
  2. Submit some basic personal information
  3. Check rates in seconds (with no credit score impact)

Once you’ve found an offer you want to accept, proceed with the lender of choice to finish the application process. 

What can you use a $3,500 dollar loan for?

Personal loans come with few spending restrictions, offering consumers flexibility. From home improvement loans to emergencies, the list of things you can use a personal loan for is long. Before getting the loan, it can be helpful to know how you will use it, and exactly how much you need to borrow. Here are some uses for a $3,500 loan:

Where can I get a $3,500 personal loan?

Knowing where to start the search for a $3,500 personal loan is a step in the right direction. If you’re searching for lenders near me and coming up with tons of results, that’s because the lending market is a big and potentially confusing place. While you can turn to local banks and credit unions, the online marketplace can streamline the shopping process. You may even be able to access loan offers from banks and credit unions online. To access a network of top national lending partners, take advantage of the Acorn Finance platform. Designed with convenience in mind, you can enter some personal information and check rates in minutes, with no credit score impact. Did your stress level go down? Wait til you see what kind of offers you can unlock in minutes. Acorn Finance simplifies the loan shopping process while partnering with trusted lenders in the online marketplace. 

Is getting a $3,500 dollar loan worth it?

You’ll want to make your own evaluation to determine if a $3,500 dollar loan is worth it. It may very well be worth it, but that’s for you to decide. Consider the following to help you determine if the loan is worth it. 

  • Can you afford the monthly payment? Keeping up with on-time monthly payments is part of your commitment when you borrow money. It might be exciting to think about finally having the cash you need, but make sure you consider repayment, too. 
  • Does the loan cost make sense financially? Borrowing money usually costs money, so consider what it costs to borrow the money. You might want to weigh this against the benefits of using the loan to determine if the cost is worth it. If not, you might want to save up cash instead. Improving your credit score can help you qualify for a better offer, which can help reduce total loan costs. This may be something else you want  to consider. 
  • Can you boost your credit score with the loan? An added bonus to taking out a loan is it may eventually boost your credit score if you make on-time payments. Review your credit to determine if there’s potential for the loan to boost your credit score. 
  • How will you use the funds? Some may use the funds for things such as home improvements or an engagement ring, while others may use the funds for things such as a vacation or new designer handbag. Some uses may be more beneficial than others, which can be part of your justification. This can also play a role in the sense of urgency to get the loan. 

How hard is it to get a $3,500 loan?

The complexity of getting a $3,500 loan can vary depending on the qualifications, education, and other factors. For example, one that is familiar with the lending space may not need to research or ask as many questions. Their knowledge can help them know what to look for and where to start. Furthermore, a borrower with good credit may have more options than one with bad credit, so they may not have to work as hard to find the right loan offer, or one they qualify for at all. 

As you start to consider a personal loan, you might be surprised to learn about all the number of lenders to work with. Do you trust the online marketplace? Do you visit a local bank or credit union? Where is the best place to start? Knowing where to start can transform the loan shopping process, and hopefully simplify it. At Acorn Finance, we partner with a network of top national lenders that are well-respected and reputable. Rather than hunting down lenders you might want to consider, you can check offers from our network of lending partners in minutes with no credit score impact.

  1. Visit Acorn Finance online
  2. Submit some basic personal information
  3. Check rates in seconds (with no credit score impact)

While offers will be more likely to be returned for borrowers with fair, good, average, or excellent credit, our lending partners can offer flexibility. With varying requirements, you can check offers to see if you can find a match that works. Once you’ve received a pre-qualified offer(s), you can proceed with the lender of your choice. Keep in mind, pre-qualified offers may come with contingencies such as providing identification and or proof of income. Submitting complete and correct information can help the process go smoother. The lender needs to verify the information you submit before approving the loan. The loan needs to be approved before being funded in most cases. On approved loans, our lending partners can fund loans in as little as 1-2 business days, although funding times can vary. 

What lenders offer a $3,500 loan?

Choosing a lender to work with is an important part of the loan shopping process. Whether you have few options or many options, you will want to ensure you choose a reputable lender that treats you right. Requirements can vary by lender, as can available loan amounts. Before diving into lenders, it can be helpful to find out what lenders you qualify for. From there you can review offers and the lenders behind them to make the overall best selection. At Acorn Finance you can check offers from our network of top national lenders in one place. Start by submitting some basic personal information, and submit to check offers in minutes. Our platform offers convenience while simplifying the loan shopping process for consumers. While we have vetted our lending partners, you can do your own research to choose the one that’s right for you. Alternatively you can check offers from lenders individually, but this may require more effort. Learn more about some of our lending partners that might be of consideration for your next personal loan. 

  • LightStream: LightStream offers loans for just about anything with fixed rates. As the consumer lending division of Truist bank, LightStream is a big name in the online loan arena. Established in 2012, LightStream has earned their reputation by delivering competitive loan offers and superior customer service in parallel. 
  • BestEgg: BestEgg helps borrowers find financial stability through flexible loan offers. While they only offer two repayment periods, three and five years, these repayment periods align with a $3,500 loan. BestEgg does not allow co-signers, but they have a low minimum credit score requirement. 
  • OneMain Financial: OneMain Financial operates in the online lending space as well as the retail space. Therefore, they may have a local branch that you can take advantage of. OneMain Financial evaluates borrowers thoroughly, as they believe you are more than just a credit score. With a variety of financial products and top-notch service, OneMain Financial is a popular choice. 
  • Upgrade: Borrowers with credit challenges may want to consider Upgrade. With a low credit score requirement, Upgrade can offer loans to a wide variety of borrowers. Plus, they allow applicants to apply with a co-signer. 

Explore our complete network of top national lending partners today!

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What can I do with a $3,500 personal loan?

A $3,500 personal loan has a number of uses, including (but not limited to):
Home improvement Buying a car Wedding costs
Debt consolidation Medical bills Startup business costs

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