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$6,500 Personal Loans For Good & Bad Credit Near Me

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$6,500 Loans for Bad Credit or Good Credit

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If you needed a personal loan a few years ago you pretty much had to go to the bank and see a loan officer. Now, you can get very competitive rates online and virtually secure a personal loan overnight if you qualify.

If you need the money quickly, we recommend using an online lender. A little later on we’ll go into more detail about where you can get a $6,500 personal loan or check offers now and compare multiple lenders in real-time.

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Can you get a $6,500 loan with bad credit?

There are two main types of loans, secured and unsecured. While both loans can consider the creditworthiness of a borrower, the requirements can be lower for secured loans. Secured loans are backed by collateral, whereas unsecured loans are based on creditworthiness. During the approval process, most lenders have requirements that borrowers need to meet. Requirements can vary by lender and they can vary depending on the loan amount and or repayment period. Requirements can include credit score, debt-to-income, and so forth. Overall lenders are examining the creditworthiness of a borrower. Afterall, would you loan someone money you didn’t think had the intention or ability to repay it? Probably not, and lenders feel the same way. Therefore, credit score can play a role in qualifying for a loan, as it’s a score that represents history such as payment history, amounts owed, length of credit history, and more. 

To level set, let’s review what exactly a bad credit score is. 

FICO® score scale:

  • 300-579: poor
  • 580-669: fair
  • 670-739: good
  • 740-799: very good 
  • 800-850: excellent

You should also note there are different scoring models for credit scores such as the VantageScore®. The VantageScore® model was developed by the three main credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). Similar to the FICO® score model, the scale starts at 300 and maxes out at 850. Checking your credit score before applying for a loan can help you identify opportunities for improvement. It can also help you narrow down your search for lenders that might be able to help. 

How much would payments be on a 6500 loan?

Monthly payments on a $6,500 loan can vary depending on the offer or loan. Variables such as the APR or repayment period can impact the monthly payment. While monthly payment is important to most, it’s important to also consider the total cost of the loan. To help save on your monthly payment, check with the lender to explore offers such as discounts for setting up autopay. Take advantage of our loan payment calculator to estimate monthly payments or check offers at Acorn Finance with no credit score impact. By receiving real offers, personalized just for you, you can grasp a more realistic idea of what monthly payments might be. 

What are the pros and cons of getting a $6,500 personal loan?

Before taking out a loan, considering your options as well as the pros and cons can help you evaluate the decision. While borrowing money can help individuals, it can also increase financial stress. Additionally, there are costs associated with borrowing money. While we’ve compiled some general pros and cons, you should make your own lists. Pros and cons can vary depending on your personal financial situation as well as future plans for spending the money. For example, if you’re using the funds for a home improvement, there may be pros such as increased home value or quality of life. 


  • Fixed monthly payments
  • No collateral required 
  • Competitive lending market 
  • Opportunity to boost your credit score if you make on-time payments


  • Taking on debt
  • Potential to impact credit score if you miss payments or default 
  • High interest rates 

What credit score is needed for a $6,500 loan?

Credit score requirements can vary by lender, and the loan amount can also impact the requirements. When it comes to borrowing any amount of money, the lender will want to validate that the borrower has the ability to repay. Most lenders on the Acorn Finance platform have a credit score cutoff of 600 or above. 

Can you get a $6,500 loan with no credit check?

Getting a loan with no credit check, especially in the amount of $6,500, is probably too good to be true. While there are some loans that are available with no credit check, you should understand how these loans work before proceeding. Loans such as payday loans are available with no credit check, but usually in much smaller amounts than $6,500. State requirements can limit the maximum loan amount and the fees, which can be extremely high. In the ballpark of $6,500 loans with no credit check are pawn shop loans or car title loans. These loans are both secured by collateral. A pawn shop loan is secured by a valuable asset such as gold or electronics while a car title loan is backed by a vehicle that you have a title for that is in your name. 

There are many reasons you may want a loan with no credit check, but the reality is that credit can play a big role in the lender’s decision. Loans that are designed to benefit the borrower and lender usually require a credit check. However, oftentimes, you can get prequalified without impacting your credit score. At Acorn Finance you can check offers with no credit score impact. Our network of top national lending partners can compete for your business, increasing your chance of receiving an offer. 

How to apply for a $6,500 personal loan?

Applying for a loan involves a few different phases. First, the application. Then the prequalification. And finally the approval. Before even getting to the application though, you may be wondering where to start. How do you choose which lender to apply with? Most lenders have requirements so finding a lender you’re likely to qualify with can encourage you to apply. A good place to start is checking your credit score. 

  • Step one: Check your credit score

Checking your credit score can help you have a realistic idea as to what you might qualify for. It may also provide the opportunity to identify ways to improve your credit score. Preparing for a personal loan or not, monitoring your credit score can help you identify fraud sooner and keep an eye on your credit score. 

Next, you can choose to search for lenders to apply with or take advantage of a lending marketplace. 

  • Step two: Check offers

When you’re ready, you can start the process of checking offers or getting prequalified. You can do so by applying directly with a lender or taking advantage of a lending marketplace, such as Acorn Finance. At Acorn Finance, you can check rates in seconds from top national lenders with no credit score impact. Comparing offers can help you understand your options and choose the best loan option. 

  • Step three: Offer acceptance, approval, and funding

Once you’ve found the right personal loan offer, it’s time to accept. After acceptance, the lender can verify your information during the underwriting process and approve the loan. Once the loan is approved, you’re ready to receive funds. Approved loans can be funded in as little as 1-2 business days, although funding times can vary. 

What can you use a $6,500 dollar loan for?

Personal loans have few spending restrictions making them a popular lending product. They are often used for home improvements such as HVAC repair, painting, flooring, new appliances, bathroom remodels, and more. Other common uses for $6,500 personal loans are weddings, emergency, furniture, and more. 

Is getting a $6,500 dollar loan worth it?

Getting a $6,500 loan can offer access to cash for things you might need, or things that might benefit your life. However, loans also come at a price, and in the event you default or fall behind, there can be consequences. Loans can be leveraged as a valuable financial tool, making them worth it in many scenarios. Consider your own circumstances, needs, and options to determine if a loan, and what type of loan, is worth it. 

How hard is it to get a $6,500 loan?

Finding the right loan offer is streamlined at Acorn Finance. In seconds you can receive personalized offers with no credit score impact. However, the qualifications of the applicant can play a role in the offers returned. Offers will be more likely to be returned for borrowers with fair, good, average, or excellent credit. Checking your credit score and boosting your credit score if needed can help the process go smoother. 

What lenders offer a $6500 loan?

There’s a difference between lenders that offer $6,500 loans and lenders that can offer you a $6,500 loan. What we mean by that is, most lenders have minimum and maximum loan amounts they can offer, however, applicants need to qualify. Some lenders may offer loans as little as $500 or $1,000 and loans as large as $100,000 for qualified borrowers. Regardless of the minimums and maximums, the applicant will still need to qualify, and the offer can vary based on what the applicant qualifies for. In the personal loan space some reputable lenders include. . .

  • SoFo
  • LightStream
  • Prosper
  • Upgrade
  • OneMain Financial
  • & more!

With many lenders in the marketplace, it’s important to find a lender that best meets your needs. This means one you qualify for, one that can offer the right loan amount, and one with an offer that is competitive. One that checks off all your boxes. Before applying, you might want to research lenders that offer personal loans to see which one might be the best fit. Alternatively, you can leverage a lending marketplace, such as Acorn Finance to access multiple offers in one place. Once you’ve received personalized offers you can compare them to choose the best one. Save the hassle of checking the legitimacy of the lender or narrowing down one that meets your needs. Instead, simply submit some basic information at Acorn Finance and let us match you with personal loan offers and lenders. 

What is the 5 year cost of a $6,500 dollar loan?

Interest and fees are often associated with loans. Therefore, you might borrow $6,500, but pay much more than that over the course of the loan. While comparing loan offers on the basis of monthly payment is important to stay within budget, it’s also important to consider the APR and total loan cost. Let’s break down a few examples.

Example 1:

  • $6,500 loan @ 9.99% for 5 years: estimated interest cost $1,785
  • $6,500 loan @ 14.99% for 5 years: estimated interest cost $2,776
  • $6,500 loan @ 19.99% for 5 years: estimated interest cost $3,831

Loans offer convenience and oftentimes allow us to access things we need, now. However, the cost of a loan may make you rethink the option in some cases. At Acorn Finance, our lending partners do not charge prepayment penalties, therefore, borrowers can pay the loan off early to potentially save on interest. Borrowers can do this by paying more than the minimum monthly payment each month, or when they can, or simply paying the loan off early. With this option you can opt for a longer repayment period to receive a lower monthly commitment, with the option to pay more if and when you can. 

How much tax will I pay on a $6,500 loan?

While a lump sum loan of $6,500 may feel like payday, loans are not considered income. Instead, loans are considered debt. However, in the event any portion of a loan is forgiven, taxes may be involved for the portion that is forgiven. If a loan is used for business purposes, even if it’s a personal loan, it may be tax deductible. 

When you purchase a $6 or $6,500 item, you’ll likely walk out the door paying more than that. Because, well, taxes. While loans may not have taxes, the same stands that if you borrow “$6,500” you’ll likely end up paying more than that. Loans often have interest and possibly fees associated. For example, if you take a $6,500 loan with an APR of 9.99% and 5-year repayment period you could pay around $1,785 in interest alone. This is something to consider as the APR can influence the total cost of borrowing. Keep this in mind as you shop offers and weigh the pros and cons of borrowing money. It may be more cost effective to save up the cash, instead of making a monthly payment, if you have the time and discipline. 

How to get a loan for $6,500 with a 550 credit score and no co-signer?

While $6,500 is not a substantial amount of money, getting a $6,500 loan with a 550 credit score and no co-signer may prove challenging. It’s no secret that bad credit scores are subject to higher interest rates, and may have less options when it comes to borrowing money. That’s where a co-signer comes in. Co-signers can be used to increase one’s chance of approval. Ideally, a co-signer is a well-qualified applicant, offsetting the bad credit score or lack of requirements of the other applicant. 

But, finding a qualified co-signer can also prove challenging for many. It’s a lot to ask of someone. So you may find yourself trying to qualify for a $6,500 loan with a 550 credit score and no co-signer. The reality is you may need to boost your credit score first. Offers are more likely to be returned for borrowers with fair, good, average, or excellent credit. Most lenders on the Acorn Finance platform have a credit score cutoff of 600 or above.

Alternatively, if you have collateral you may try to qualify for a secured loan. Since a secured loan is backed by collateral, lenders have an asset to reduce some of the risk associated with lending. 

What would the principal be on a $6,500 loan?

The principal of a loan is the original amount of money borrowed. Therefore, on a $6,500 loan the principal is $6,500. In some cases loan fees can be deducted from the loan amount, therefore, the principal of a $6,500 loan could be less. One thing to keep in mind is the total cost of a loan. Loans generally come with an APR which can increase the actual amount you pay to borrow money. If a loan does not have prepayment penalties, you can pay the loan down faster or pay it off early to save on borrowing costs. By paying extra each month you can pay down the principal loan amount faster, and reduce the amount of interest you’re paying. 

How can I get a $6,500 personal loan fast?

The fastest way to qualify for a $6,500 personal loan is usually online. Some online lenders approve loans instantly and release funds within 24 hours on personal loans.

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What can I do with a $6,500 personal loan?

A $6,500 personal loan has a number of uses, including (but not limited to):
Home improvement Buying a car Wedding costs
Debt consolidation Medical bills Startup business costs

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