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Dental Loan Options - No Credit Check Ok

Dental financing refers to any method of payment for your dental expenses that helps you avoid having to pay in cash up front. There are a few different forms of dental financing.

One common way of financing your dentist visit is to put the cost of your appointment on a credit card. Other times, your dentist office itself may offer financing or payment plans for patients to take advantage of. Lastly, a personal loan can be a very effective way to cover the cost of dental work, especially when your procedure is expected to be very expensive.

In addition to using in-house financing or personal loans, CareCredit is another option for dental and medical financing. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that can be used to pay for your copays and deductibles or your treatments and procedures.

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Learn More About Dental Financing

When your insurance does not cover all of your necessary dental expenses, using dental financing can be a true life saver.

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How can I get a loan to fix my teeth?

To take out a loan for dental work, you will want to look for either a personal loan or a loan designed specifically to cover medical and dental expenses. Your dentist's office may offer their own loan programs for patients, or you can look for a loan from your local bank or credit union.
Lastly, there are an increasing number of online lenders who are offering personal loans and dental loans to consumers who need access to cash within just a few business days.
Dental loans are unsecured, installment loans that allow consumers to pay back their loan balance over time during a predetermined repayment period with a fixed monthly payment.
You'll want to compare interest rates, loan terms, fees, and other loan features before applying. Consider getting prequalified with a few different lenders before deciding where to obtain your loan. To check offers with no impact to your credit score, complete the form at Acorn Finance. Within 60 seconds or less, you can collect offers from top national lenders, allowing you to compare and pick the one that is best for you.

Do dentists offer financing?

Many dental offices offer their own in-house financing to patients. Dentists who wish to remain competitive will often provide the option of a payment plan or other type of financing in order to obtain more customers.
You will need to check with your dentist and a few other dental offices in your community to see if you will be able to obtain financing. If you cannot find a dentist who offers financing, there are still several options available to you including personal loans, credit cards, and CareCredit. Even if your dentist does offer financing, you should always compare the interest rates, fees, and other terms to outside financing options to see who can give you the best deal.

Is dental financing hard to get?

Depending on your credit score and income, dental financing should be relatively easy to obtain. Dental loans are usually structured as unsecured personal loans that are paid back in equal monthly installments. This makes repayment of the loan fairly easy when compared to credit cards as consumers know exactly what monthly payment to expect. Personal dental loans are also easy to apply for online, and most consumers should have no problem obtaining one.
Applicants with poor credit or low income still have many options available to them. These days, the prevalence of online lenders has resulted in many companies approving applicants of all kinds in order to stay competitive.
In the event that you do not qualify for a loan based on your credit score and/or income alone, you can typically apply using a cosigner who agrees to be responsible for your repayment of the loan. By using a cosigner, their credit score and other financial information will be looked at instead of your own, increasing your chances of obtaining a loan and scoring a low interest rate.

What credit score do you need for a dental loan?

In general, a credit score of 640 or above should give you access to the best dental loan rates and terms. The lender may also look at your debt-to-income ratio before approving your loan.
Getting prequalified will help you get a better idea of the interest rate you can expect to receive from a particular lender, and whether or not you can even expect to get approved by them. It always pays to shop around when applying for a personal loan, especially if you have poor credit. Making sure that you find the best possible deal on interest can save you a good chunk of change over the lifetime of the loan.

How much do veneers cost?

According to the American Dental Association, veneers can cost anywhere between $925 – $2,500 per tooth. This cost can vary depending on what material you choose for your veneers, your dentist's level of experience, and your geographic location.
Since veneers are considered a cosmetic dental procedure, they are usually not covered by insurance, making them one of the most common procedures to be financed.

How much does dental care cost without insurance?

The costs of dental care without insurance can vary widely depending on the type of dental office you visit, the cost of living in your local area, and the type of work you are having done.
Some dental offices offer discounts to patients who are paying via cash instead of insurance.
If you have upcoming dental work, you should shop around for the best prices by comparing the cost of the procedure from a few different local dental offices in town. In some cases, you may even be able to negotiate on the final price. Spreading out the cost of the work by splitting your dental work into a few different appointments can ease the hit to your wallet as well.
Getting your work done at a dental school can be an affordable option as well, since many schools offer reduced prices so students can get experience while being supervised by dentists.
You should consider getting prequalified for dental financing from a few different lenders to see who can offer you the best interest rates. With a little bit of research and extra leg work, you can score a good deal on your dental financing and get quality dental work done on a budget.

Can you get a personal loan for dental work?

One of the most popular ways to cover expensive dental work is to take out a personal loan.
Whether you need funds to pay for a child's braces or you need to finance the cost of a dental implant, a personal loan can give you access to thousands of dollars within just a few business days that can be used for any dental expense. In fact, when you take out a personal loan, the funds can be used for anything that you wish without the need to track your expenses.
Personal loans generally have lower interest rates than credit cards and in some cases have lower monthly payments, making them a great option for financing your next dental procedure.

Can you get pediatric dentist financing online?

You can get financing online for all kinds of medical and dental expenses, including pediatric dentist financing. Look for online lenders like Prosper, LightStream and Upgrade that offer personal loans with low interest and little to no fees. At Acorn Finance, you can check offers from these top-rated lenders and more. Usually, online personal loans can be originated within just a few business days, getting the cash in your pocket that much faster.
Both the application and underwriting process tend to be fairly quick and easy with online lenders, and applicants may be more likely to be approved than with a bank. Consumers with low credit scores in particular can benefit from using an online lender for their dental financing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Loans for Dental Work: What are the best dental financing loans?

The best dental financing loans for you might be different from the best dental financing for another patient. While some prioritize loan offers with the lowest interest rates, others may jump on the offer with the largest sum available. It’s all situationally dependent, but there are some ways to narrow down what the best loan for you looks like. Ask yourself the following questions. 

  • What does my monthly budget look like? Determining how much you have leftover in your regular monthly budget to spare on a new loan payment can help you shop loan offers. Finding a loan offer with a payment that fits your budget can be one step closer to finding the best loan. 
  • What is my credit score? Offers will be more likely to be returned for borrowers with fair, good, average, or excellent credit. Most lenders on the Acorn Finance platform have a credit score cutoff of 600 or above. Checking your credit score before applying for a loan can help you identify ways to boost your score and or give you a confidence boost before applying. It’s wise to monitor your credit score on an ongoing basis to help you stay in tune with your score and identify fraud faster. 
  • How much do I need? The costs of dental work can vary widely. It is important to have a consultation to determine how much your dental costs may be when all is said and done. Once you know how much you need to borrow, you can see if you qualify for the right amount.

How do you compare loans for dental financing?

Once you have an idea of what you need in a loan in order to align with your needs and budget, it’s time to compare loan offers for dental financing. Take into consideration more than just amounts and interest rates, and look for any fees that may be associated as well. Application fees, closing fees, origination fees, and others can add up quickly and significantly impact the total cost of your dental loan. Some dental practices may offer payment plans or financing worth considering. Alternatively you can take out a personal loan for dental financing. On approved loans, you can receive funds and pay the dental practice of your choice. You can then make payments to the lender. To check personal loan offers for dental financing with no credit score impact, visit Acorn Finance.

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What is dental financing?

Dental financing can be a loan or line of credit that is used to cover some or all of a patient’s dental related expenses. Dental financing is often sought when the cost of needed dental week exceeds the amount of expendable income that a person has. Dental financing makes it possible to split the large costs of dental work into smaller, more manageable, payments over the course of a loan duration. 

How do loans for dental financing work?

Unless dental financing is used in the form of credit lines, dental loans typically operate on an installment structure. An installment loan is a lending structure in which the borrower is granted a lump sum in the beginning of the lending period that is repaid, with interest and fees, over a predetermined repayment period. Payments are typically scheduled to be made on a monthly basis and are fixed, leaving no room for surprises when budgeting. Online personal loans are a popular method of dental financing since online lenders can typically issue funds more quickly than other lending institutions. 

Some dental clinics may advertise “guaranteed dental financing,” to make services more affordable for patients. Some offices may even facilitate dental loans with no credit check. In most cases, “in-house” financing means financing through their partnering dental financing companies, or dental loan companies, versus funding from the office itself. Details should be discussed with the clinic itself regarding all forms of in-house financing. 

When is dental financing worth it?

A smile is worth a million bucks…isn’t that how the saying goes? Dental work can be worth it for many. Whether the dental work is aesthetic or necessary, the patient's budget and credit score should be more heavily considered before seeking dental financing. 

In emergency circumstances, you may have less time to consider the financial impact. At Acorn Finance you can check rates in seconds. Additionally, on approved loans, our lending partners can fund loans in as little as 1-2 business days, although funding times can vary. 

Dental issues can affect a person’s whole body including their heart and immune system. Tooth and gum infections can lead to sepsis when left untreated. Broken teeth can lead to painful exposed nerves. Usually, dental work is done on an “as needed” basis, meaning it has to be done. If you can’t afford the costs of necessary dental work up front, dental financing may be worth it as long as you can find a loan structure that works with your budget. 

Pros & cons of Dental Financing:

When it comes to financing dental work with an online personal loan, there are several pros and cons to consider. 


  • Improved health and reduced dental pain
  • Opportunity to build credit history
  • Flexibility to spend funds how you need
  • Convenience of applying for a loan from the comfort of your home 


  • Missing payments can have negative consequences, particularly on your credit score
  • Additional monthly expense to budget for

Why choose Acorn Finance for comparing personal loans for dental financing?

Acorn Finance streamlines the dental loan search process for you, so you can focus on choosing the loan that works with your budget - so you’re not just getting by on the skin of your teeth every month. Our website is safe and secure, so you never have to worry about compromising your information. Additionally, we only partner with reputable lenders, taking some of the stress out of choosing a dental loan offer. Within seconds you can check rates with no credit score impact. Smile more with Acorn Finance. 

Pros and cons of lenders Dental Financing:


Best for dental and medical loans for borrowers with good credit 

Minimum qualifications: 

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 660 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement of $50,000/year


  • No origination fees
  • Funding as soon as one business day on approved loans, although funding times can vary
  • Competitive loan offers
  • Allows co-signer
  • Large personal loans available 
  • Flexible repayment periods up to 12 years


  • Strict qualification requirements
  • No access to pre-qualify through the LightStream website (When applying directly, you can get pre-approved but not pre-qualified, therefore, you may be subject to a hard credit pull. To get pre-qualified with LightStream, check offers through Acorn Finance to see if you qualify.)


Best for online personal dental loans for borrowers with excellent credit

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 680 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement of $50,000/year


  • Flexible loan amounts and repayment terms
  • No origination fees
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Funding as soon as one business day on approved loans, although funding times can vary
  • Allows cosigner applications
  • Unemployment protection available


  • High credit score requirement
  • Approvals may take 3 days or more

Best Egg

Best for personal dental loans for borrowers with fair credit 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 600 or above 
  • No minimum income requirement 


  • Fair credit scores can qualify
  • No minimum income requirement
  • Same or next day funding available, although funding times can vary


  • Not available in some states
  • Origination fees between 0.99% and 6.99%
  • Higher APRs


Best for peer-to-peer dental loans

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 600 or above 
  • No minimum income requirement 


  • Low threshold for credit score
  • No minimum income requirement
  • Flexibility to change payment dates
  • Offers peer-to-peer lending


  • Long funding times
  • Origination and late fees may apply
  • No rate discount for autopay is available
  • Restrictive repayment periods
  • Funding may take about 5 business days 


Best for bad credit personal dental loans 

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 560 or above 
  • No minimum income requirement


  • Low credit score requirement
  • No early payoff penalty
  • Joint applications allowed
  • Funding as soon as one business day on approved loans, although funding times can vary


  • Origination fees between 2.9% to 8%
  • Higher APRs, especially for subprime borrowers

Axos Bank

Best for refinancing existing personal loan

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 700 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement $48,000/year


  • Low origination fees
  • Mobile app to manage loans
  • Fast funding times
  • Funding as soon as one business day on approved loans, although funding times can vary


  • High credit score requirement
  • Origination fee up to 2%

OneMain Financial

Best for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit who need fast funding for a personal dental loan

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 600 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement $7,200/year


  • Low credit score requirement
  • Offers secured loan option
  • Low income requirement
  • Flexibility to choose your payment date
  • Fast funding times


  • High interest compared to similar lenders
  • Origination fee between 1% – 10% (or flat fee up to $500 depending on state)


Best for fair credit personal dental loans with fast funding

Minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum credit score requirement of 600 or above 
  • Minimum income requirement $30,000/year


  • Low origination fees
  • Relaxed credit score and income requirements
  • Same or next-day funding is available, although funding times can vary


  • No joint applications
  • High loan costs
  • Short repayment periods 

Lending USA

LendingUSA is best for one-time purchases or uses, such as cosmetic surgery financing, dental financing, pet financing, education financing, and more. LendingUSA offers loans for a variety of industries. Loans can be obtained through the LendingUSA website or through a merchant partner that refers to LendingUSA. Additionally, if you pay your loan off within six months, no interest will be charged to the principal. With fast approval decisions and loans as small as $1,000 available, Lending USA is a good choice to consider for dental financing. 

Reprise Financial

Reprise Financial can help borrowers find personal loan offers that meet their needs. In order to help borrowers obtain funds quickly, Reprise works to streamline the personal loan process. With customized payment options and fixed rates, check personal loan offers at Reprise Financial.

Universal Credit

For borrowers with bad credit, Universal Credit may be your golden ticket to the funds you need. With a minimum credit score requirement of only 560, Universal Credit is a top choice for subprime borrowers. While dental loan costs may be higher with Universal Credit, that is to be expected when it comes to borrowing money with bad credit in general.

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