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Pool enclosure financing can provide the funds you need to complete your project. In some cases, you may be able to borrow enough money to finance the pool and the enclosure. Pool enclosures can make enjoying your pool a year-round activity while providing protection, privacy, and extended living space. Aluminum pool enclosures are very common in most areas.

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Learn More About Pool Enclosure Financing

You may be wondering, what the average cost of a pool cage or enclosure is, among many other questions. Keep reading to learn valuable information about pool enclosure financing.

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What is pool enclosure financing?

Pool enclosure financing is an easy way to pay for a new enclosure for your swimming pool by paying monthly payments instead of paying for it all upfront with your personal savings.

A pool enclosure is a great way to ensure that you and your family can swim all year round. This is an excellent option for anyone who lives in a place with long and harsh winters or hot and humid summers. Your pool enclosure can be heated beneath the glass roof in the winter and then you can simply retract the roof to enjoy any warm summer days.

There are hundreds of different types of pool enclosures from large glass structures to low retractable glass roofs. Before worrying about how to afford a pool enclosure, you may want to shop materials and gather estimates. Once you have an idea of what your project might cost, you can apply at Acorn Finance. Within seconds you can receive multiple loan offers without impacting your credit score.

Can you finance a pool enclosure?

Yes, you can finance a pool enclosure. Pool enclosures can vary in cost which can impact which type of financing makes the most financial sense. In most cases, a personal loan makes sense for financing a pool enclosure. Personal loans offer competitive interest rates and flexible terms. In addition, they can be secured quickly. Most lenders fund personal loans as a lump sum of cash that you can spend how you would like. This means your contractor may not even know you are using financing which technically makes you a cash customer in their eyes. This may give you more negotiating power.

For more expensive pool enclosures, you may want to consider secured loans such as a home equity loan. However, home equity loans are usually time consuming to secure and much harder to qualify for compared to a personal loan. In addition, secured loans require collateral whereas unsecured personal loans do not require collateral.

How much do pool enclosures cost on average?

Pool enclosures can cost anywhere from $5,246 to $15,214 depending on what type of closure it is and the materials that are used for its construction.

There is usually a significant difference in price depending on whether you use screen material, glass, or if you decide to install motors into the enclosure frame to make it retractable. There also is the budget-friendly option of installing a pool dome.

Let us look at some of the average costs associated with the different types of enclosures and the different materials:

Pool enclosure made with screen material: $14 per square foot. Typical pool screen enclosures cost on average around $9,750 for a 700 square foot enclosure. The range is between $5,225 and $14,280.

Glass pool enclosure: $55 per square foot. Glass enclosures cost on average around $38,500 for a 700 square foot enclosure. The range is between $31,500 and $45,500.

Install a glass enclosure with retractable capabilities: $100 or more per square foot. Now if you install a glass enclosure equipped with motors to retract the roof of the enclosure, then you are looking at an average cost of $70,000 for a 700 square foot enclosure. Though much more expensive, retractable roofs do come with the advantage of opening and closing the roof as the weather dictates.

Pool Dome: You can find a budget-friendly pool dome to install that would cost you around $1,200. The range is between $870 and $1,500.

Is it harder to sell a house with a pool?

Some buyers may be searching high and low for a home with a pool. However, for other buyers a pool may be a turn off. Pools come along with extra maintenance expenses and may be hazardous for children and pets. Monthly upkeep for a pool can be around $750 a month.
Building a pool enclosure can eliminate any risk posed for children, pets, elderly, or perhaps even adults that do not know how to swim. In most cases, a pool should increase home value if you live in an area with a warm climate. In addition, having a pool is usually not a deal breaker if your home is in a desirable location or there are limited options on the market.

Are pool enclosures worth it?

Yes, pool enclosures are worth it! They offer protection from the outdoor elements and allow you to use your pool year-round and rain or shine. They can also allow you to create additional living space in your home. You can put a dining table beneath the enclosure near the pool, a bar with an entertainment center, or a full gym. The pool enclosure essentially should add square footage to your home.

Pool enclosures can also lower your monthly upkeep costs by making the pool easier to heat and clean by keeping the pool in a climate-controlled environment. Pool enclosures can also prevent debris from dirtying your pool, thus requiring less maintenance. Something to consider if you are looking to decrease your overall maintenance costs.

Here are some of the advantages of building a pool enclosure. . .

Keep presty insects and rodents out

Protect friends and family from UV rays

Protect patio furniture

Keep debris out of the pool

Extend living space

Reduce pool maintenance

Enhance the visual aspect of your home

Having a pool at your home is viewed as a luxury by most of us. If you can afford it, a pool and especially an enclosed pool can deliver numerous entertainment and health benefits. Whether you are entertaining friends and family with a backyard pool party and BBQ or swimming laps each morning as part of your daily exercise routine, the benefits are many.

Having a pool enclosure should only enhance your pool experience. Swim year-round and protect your pool from outdoor elements like rain and leaves. Save on heating and cleaning costs as well. Protect your skin from harsh UV rays. The more you consider a pool enclosure, the more benefits you are likely to discover. If the investment of a pool enclosure is detouring you, consider pool enclosure financing. The cost of a pool enclosure may be easier to comprehend when you think of it in terms of a monthly payment.

For all of your home improvement financing needs, Acorn Finance can help. Acorn Finance has trustworthy lending partners that can offer APRs as low as 6.99% depending on your credit score. Homeowners can discover simple and competitive payment options through Acorn Finance. At Acorn Finance, you can submit one application and receive loan offers in 60 seconds or less with no impact to your credit score. Once you have claimed the best offer and finalized the loan, you can receive funds quickly.

Is financing a pool enclosure common?

People get pool enclosures for a variety of reasons. Depending on the bylaws, it may be a requirement, leaving the homeowner with no choice. Certain types of pool enclosures will allow homeowners to enjoy their pool all year long regardless of the weather. This can be an attractive selling point for homeowners. Pool enclosures can also help regulate the water temperature and minimize upkeep. An enclosure can prevent leaves and other types of debris from getting into the pool.

Like the pool itself, enclosures can be pretty expensive depending on what you choose. Currently, the typical spend for a pool enclosure is between $5,225 – $14,280 with the average being $9,750.

Pool enclosures are a great idea but how do you pay for one? Is pool enclosure financing common? Yes, financing a pool enclosure is fairly common. If it is being installed at the same time as the pool, the costs of both can easily exceed over $50,000. Since most people don't have that kind of cash available, they turn to financing. There are a number of ways to borrow to install a pool enclosure. You can use an unsecured loan or personal line of credit. A secured loan is a possibility too if you have assets that the bank can take as collateral such as a home or a vehicle.

If you plan on completing several home improvement projects over the next few months or years, you may want to use a home equity line of credit. For more expensive pool enclosures, secured loans may be a better option. However, for pool enclosures costing in the ballpark of $5,000 to $25,000, an unsecured home improvement loan might make the most sense.

To check home improvement loan offers, visit Acorn Finance. Within 60 seconds or less you can check offers with no impact on your credit score.

What type of loan is best for a pool enclosure?

The type of loan that is best for a pool enclosure depends on the situation, including how much you want to borrow. Other things you should consider are how much monthly payment you can afford, how long you need to borrow the money, and how much you are willing to pay to borrow money. Setting some ground rules before comparing loan options and offers can help you choose the option that is best for your financial situation.

Let's look at a range of options. The easiest loan to get if your credit rating is good is usually an unsecured loan. You can get amounts up to 100k, depending on credit score and the lender. In addition, some lenders offer amortizations for as long as 12 years. The rates are usually fairly reasonable, they can be funded within a day or two in some cases, and sometimes you can pay them off early with no penalties. On the downside, some borrowers don't qualify for a good rate due to their credit score. Compared to a secured loan, an unsecured loan may have a higher interest rate but offers less risk to the borrower.

Secured loans can be extended to people if they have an asset to back the loan. You may get a lower rate since the lender is taking less risk because they can take your collateral to recoup their money if you default on the loan. Secured loans may require more time to set up and you may pose a greater risk for borrowers.

Depending on how much you need, it might make sense to refinance your mortgage. You can do a cash-out refinance meaning you are advanced a lump sum and start making payments immediately. You will have one mortgage payment usually at a fairly low rate. A cash-out refinance only makes sense in some cases. If interest rates are significantly lower than when you purchased your home, it may make sense.

A home equity line of credit may be a good option as well. It will likely make the most sense if you plan on doing several home improvement projects. The only option listed here that does not require you to have equity in your home or collateral is an unsecured personal loan or home improvement loan.

Pool companies sometimes offer in house financing too. This can be a one stop shopping experience for the client but the rates can vary. Always make sure to compare loan offers before committing.

When should you get a pool enclosure?

Now that you know there are all kinds of ways to finance a pool enclosure, when should you install one? In most cases, installing a pool and pool enclosure at the same time may make the most sense. In some cases, you may be forced to install a pool enclosure at the time the pool is installed, depending on local regulations and laws.

If you are installing a new pool, you should have already gotten the permits to execute the project. Installing the enclosure and the pool at the same tie can save you some leg work. In addition, the individuals completing the work can collaborate with each other to get everything done properly.

Alternatively, some people buy a house that has a pool and no enclosure or they want to upgrade the existing enclosure. After using the pool for a while, they may decide to install an enclosure. A pool enclosure can reduce pool maintenance while allowing homeowners to get more use of their pool. If you want a pool enclosure, you should get one.

What are the benefits of financing a pool enclosure?

Financing has its benefits and drawbacks. The benefits of financing can vary from homeowner to homeowner. In general, financing can provide the funds you need to create your dream backyard with a pool enclosure. Homeowners can enjoy an easy monthly payment with interest rather than dipping into their savings. In some cases, homeowners may be able to expand their project or build a more extensive pool enclosure. Finance can help homeowners expand their budget, but they should always be careful when doing so. Borrowing more money usually costs more money and increases the monthly payment.

Can you finance multiple pool enclosures at once?

If you need financing for more than one enclosure, you can get one loan, as long as you qualify. If you are confident that you can qualify for the loan, you should get estimates to determine what your projects will cost. If the pool enclosures will be installed over the course of a few months or years, a home equity line of credit might be the best option.

If you use an installment loan such as a home equity loan or home improvement loan, you'll need to apply for the appropriate amount. Once you are approved the funds should be released as a lump sum, allowing you to pay for as many pool enclosures as you need.

Alternatives to pool enclosure financing

There are two common ways homeowners pay for pool enclosures when they don't want to use financing. They can use their own cash which is a cheaper option but may deplete your savings account. As a homeowner, you should have a healthy savings account to prepare for emergencies or unexpected surprises. Homeowners may also have the option to borrow money from family in the form of a family loan.

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