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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Foundation?

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Foundation Repair Cost FAQs

Having a crack in your foundation can be a stressful and scary experience for homeowners. While cracks are common in a foundation, they are still a serious issue that can cause a more significant problem down the road if left untreated.

The national average cost to repair a foundation is several thousand dollars, leaving homeowners wondering how they can afford to fix a crack in their foundation. Acorn Finance can help, though. With a large national network of top-rated lenders, you can check offers for home improvement loans at Acorn Finance within 60 seconds or less – all with no credit impact. With APRs as low as 4.49% depending on credit score, Acorn Finance can help you fast track your next foundation repair by helping you access the funds you need.

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Should you pay for foundation issues to be fixed?

You should address issues with your foundation quickly to ensure the problems don't worsen as time passes. If you don't have the cash on hand to pay out of pocket, a home improvement loan can help you get the funds you need to fix your foundation quickly.

Keep reading to gain valuable insight on how much it costs to repair a foundation and ways to afford the repair.

Foundation Repair Costs: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a crack in foundation?

The cost to repair a cracked foundation can vary based on several factors, including the crack's severity, the foundation's material, and the method used to repair the crack. While some smaller cracks can be fixed with epoxy, larger cracks will require more intensive work. The national average to fix a foundation is about $5,000 with the typical costs ranging between $2,100 and $7,700.

Some factors that can affect the cost of your foundation repair include:

  • The cause of the issue: A professional can determine precisely what is causing your foundation to crack. If soil sinking or drainage is an issue, you'll need to add drains or other methods to prevent water from entering. If the problem is bowing walls or other structural issues, you can expect a more intensive (and expensive) repair process.
  • The method required to repair the crack: Heavy machinery, permits and materials can add to the cost of your foundation repair. Depending on what needs to be done, your cost to repair can range based on the method used.
  • How severe the damage is: More severe damage usually requires more work, which can add to the costs.

If you don't have several thousand dollars in savings available but need immediate foundation repair, a home improvement loan can help you quickly get the funds you need. All the while offering fixed repayment - because no one likes surprises (especially financial ones).

Are foundation repairs worth the cost?

While foundation cracks can start as a small issue, over time they can become more serious and cost more money to fix. That's why it's essential to address foundation repairs immediately so there isn't further damage to the home. Cracks that are less than a half an inch can are considered minor and routine settling, but homeowners should monitor anything larger closely to ensure it doesn't get worse.

Fixing foundation issues can ensure your home is safe and stable and can appeal to prospective buyers when the time comes to sell your home.

Why does foundation repair increase home value?

Your foundation is the base of your house - and any issues to it can impact your home's value. If you're considering selling your home or buying a home with a foundation issue, you should first understand the full impact on the home's value.

Failing to address foundation issues can decrease your home's value, but how much can depend on the severity of the issue. Generally, foundation issues can reduce a home's value by 10 to 20%. If you want the most value for your home, addressing this before selling it is crucial.

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Is a crack in the foundation covered by insurance?


Homeowners insurance will sometimes cover cracks in a foundation — but only under certain circumstances. To determine if you have coverage on your home's foundation, you should see if you have dwelling coverage that will cover any foundation damage due to "peril."

"Peril," as defined by insurance policies, outlines natural disasters that occur to damage your home's foundation. This can include things like a fire, tornado, damage from a tree falling on your house or other natural disasters that have impacted your home's foundation.

However, outside of a natural disaster, most home insurance companies will not cover foundation issues outside of a natural disaster due to negligence or time. Without home insurance covering foundation damage, many homeowners are left to pay out of pocket for these expenses, which can cost thousands of dollars. If you need cash immediately to fix your foundation, Acorn Finance can help. With a wide variety of lenders offering home improvement loans, you can review multiple offers at Acorn Finance, saving you time, money and hassle in the process.

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